AC/DC Takes a Journey Through the Past in “Through the Mists of Time” Music Video | Music Video Review

Yesterday morning, on September 29, 2021, I woke up to a tweet by AC/DC that announced the band was planning to release an official music video for “Through the Mists of Time.” The music video was posted on the band’s YouTube channel at 4:00 a.m. HST on the following day, September 30. “Through the Mists of Time” was the fifth single released from AC/DC’s Power Up (2020) album. It was released on November 13, 2020, and was dedicated to the band’s co-founding member and former rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young. Malcolm was forced to retire from the band in 2014, due to his struggles with dementia. Sadly, three years later, he passed away on November 18, 2017.

Moving onto the music video! I couldn’t sleep at all last night, so I got up around 7:00 a.m. (maybe earlier than that) to see what the boys had come up with. Let me tell you, I watched the video three times in a row because I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve seen a few fan made videos for “Through the Mists of Time” because it was such a fan-favorite. AC/DC’s video is similar to those fan made videos, except, they took it to a whole new level!

The video opens up with famous paintings in a museum like “The Birth of Venus” and the “Mona Lisa.” Then, it zooms to the band playing the song and just before the second verse begins, the video shows pictures and footage of the band’s history. The cool thing is, the video isn’t just a tribute to Mal, but it’s also a tribute to former vocalist Bon Scott and the main guys that take part in AC/DC (former bassist Mark Evans was shown briefly too). From there, the video alternates between scenes of AC/DC playing the song and old pictures/footage of the band. Before the Brian Johnson sings the chorus for the last time, the video shows a bunch of stacked TVs with videos of AC/DC through the years. 

There was even a collage featuring most of the band’s studio albums, and I love collages, in case you couldn’t tell! The music video ends with a painting of the current AC/DC line-up, along with Mal and Bon Scott.

I love the video overall with the museum theme and it exceeded my expectations, but I have a couple of complaints about the painting. First of all, they got Phil Rudd’s face wrong; that looks nothing like him. Maybe, I’m being dramatic because I adore Rudd. But still, that’s messed up. I’m not even sure if his hair is correct.

Second of all, I’m a bit confused about the designs of the current-line-up. I thought they were aiming for a current image of the band. You know, what the guys look like now. But, Johnson’s design looks like it was from the Black Ice era, Cliff Williams’ design looks like it was from the Rock or Bust era, and Angus Young’s design looks like it was from either The Razors Edge or Ballbreaker era. I assume Rudd’s design is from the current era of the band, but during the Black Ice era, Rudd went through a lot of changes. His hair was long and he had glasses on some dates, he had short hair with glasses on other dates, and he had short hair with no glasses on other dates. I could be overthinking this and maybe, I’m being dramatic again.

On a more positive note, I’m glad they showed solo pictures of Rudd and Williams because they deserve way more credit than they get. That action shot of Rudd was genius! They could’ve used more photos of Rudd and Williams, but at least they were included in some way. Oddly enough, there wasn’t a solo picture of Stevie Young, which was weird. He did fill in for Mal, not only once, but twice!

Despite my complaints about the painting, I’m very pleased with how the “Through the Mists of Time” music video turned out. The pictures used in the video were really cool and high quality, which make for perfect screenshots. I loved how AC/DC took advantage of the technology that was available and I appreciate them for listening to the fans. We’ve been begging the band to create an official video for this track for 10 months and they finally gave us a video; we couldn’t be more grateful. Now, they just have to play “Through the Mists of Time” at their concerts (once COVID-19 goes away).

I’m not going to rate the music video because it was a tribute to Mal and the band’s past. It’d be rude to rate a video that the band worked so hard on and has so much heartfelt value. I’ll end it here by saying thank you AC/DC for delivering over 45 years of rock ‘n’ roll and thank you Stevie for doing a great job taking over for Mal! Long live AC/DC! 

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17 thoughts on “AC/DC Takes a Journey Through the Past in “Through the Mists of Time” Music Video | Music Video Review

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    1. Maybe it was because I was waiting 10 months for the guys to release a video for that track. So I wanted to pay attention to every detail, making sure everything was perfect. Or maybe, I’m just weird lol.


    1. It’s their best song from ‘Power Up,’ in my opinion. I didn’t want to get my hopes up for the video, in case I was disappointed. But thankfully, the video was amazing! So cool that the guys weren’t in the same location when they filmed the performance shots too.


    1. Heck yeah! It’s also quite an emotional rollercoaster ride: you can’t help but smile at how cool the visuals look, but you’re also sad because Mal is no longer with us.


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