Out with the Old and In Comes Rival Sons’ Before the Fire’ | Album Review

Who says modern rock music sucks? If you were to ask me that a year ago, I would’ve said, “modern rock sucks and rock ‘n’ roll was only good in the 70s/80s.” However, that was before I discovered Rival Sons; a young band from Long Beach, California that formed in 2009. I discovered them through... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 AC/DC Music Videos

Ever since AC/DC released their music video for “Through the Mists of Time” back in late September of 2021, I’ve wanted to do a post about my top 10 AC/DC music videos. I didn’t want to do the post right away, though, because I’ve already talked about the band a lot last year. But now,... Continue Reading →

My Dream Setlist for AC/DC

So in late September 2020, I did a post talking about which songs AC/DC should add to their setlist, so if you haven’t checked that out, you can click the link here! Since then, the band announced that drummer Phil Rudd, bassist Cliff Williams, and vocalist Brian Johnson were back in the band; and they... Continue Reading →

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