Bon Jovi’s ‘7800° Fahrenheit’ Is Cheesy, But Enjoyable | Album Review

Here’s a funny story. When I was browsing through the Book Off at Pearlridge, I found Bon Jovi’s 7800° Fahrenheit (1985) and Slippery When Wet (1986). I was torn between those two albums because while the latter is a classic, I’m all about showing love for the underappreciated stuff. The only track I knew from 7800° Fahrenheit was “In and Out of Love,” so it was a risk. I bought Slippery When Wet instead, but little did I know, I didn’t get what I bargained for.

When I opened the CD case at home, it wasn’t Slippery When Wet, instead, it was a live album titled, One Wild Night Live 1985–2001! That explains why the first track I heard was “It’s My Life,” instead of “Let It Rock.” That’s why I now open up the CD case before I buy an album from the Book Off. This was back in June/July 2020, when I decided to start a CD collection. So, not long afterwards, I returned the album and I took that as a sign that I needed to buy 7800° Fahrenheit, which is exactly what I did!

The album starts with a banger called, “In and Out of Love.” Two words: Richie Sambora!!! Ok fine, Tico Torres is killing it on the drums; he truly is an underrated drummer and he’s so much fun to watch (look up “Blaze of Glory” from Madison Square Garden in 2008). It’s a stomping, hands in the air, rocking track. Musically, “The Price of Love” rocks, but the lyrics are a bit cheesy, then again, it’s Bon Jovi. “You live your life to take that chance / When you’re a master of the art of romance / And you know you won’t cross that line.” Do I need to say anything else? On the positive side, I love Sambora’s guitar playing on this track.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the 80s without a keyboard and synthesizers. If you like that and cheesy lyrics, then “Only Lonely” is the song for you. The band played this track at a show in Japan from 1985 and I had trouble getting into this one because I found it not very rocking. And watching the music video, I felt like I was watching an 80s movie (starring Jon Bon Jovi) about two lovers fighting to be together. “King of the Mountain” features a nice guitar solo from Sambora, a thumping bass line in the intro, the drums are pounding, and it has a killer riff. There’s something uplifting about these lyrics: “I been down and mistreated / Now we’re standing undefeated.” It’s a fun track that’s easy to get into.

“Silent Night” is that mellow and depressing break-up song. I personally don’t hate it because it is very soothing and pleasant to the ears. Would I request to listen to the track often? Not really, but props to Bon Jovi for making suitable songs for a high school prom. For “Tokyo Road,” I love the verses more than the chorus. I hate songs with weird phrasings and that’s exactly what’s wrong with the chorus. They could’ve added more words instead of going “Take me BBBBBBBAAAAAAAACCCCCCCK to Tokyo Road.” I found it lazy and annoying. Also, some of the screams on this track made me go, “no wonder why Jon Bon Jovi lost his voice.”

The keyboard blends in perfectly with the other instruments for “The Hardest Part Is the Night” and I love the backing vocals in the chorus. You’ve got the pounding drums and screeching guitar, and it’s a catchy tune that should’ve been huge for the guys. The lyrics depict the struggles of a man that’s considered an underdog and working class issues. “All alone in a place where the lonely / They all have to walk through the rain / And they dance on the edge / Where you only / Only pray that it has to end.”

“Always Run to You” is another love song, of course, but it’s a fun and upbeat track. This is going to sound strange, but “To the Fire” is Bon Jovi’s hip hop track on the album. If you listen to the chorus, you’ll understand what I’m talking about! Bon Jovi has done a lot of weird songs, but this is probably the weirdest (for now). As soon as I heard the opening lyrics, I knew it was going to be bad: “We would take no prisoners / Cause there was nobody giving in / They came walking through my jungle.” The album closes with “Secret Dreams” and it’s nothing special, but again, it’s pleasant to the ears and it’s a rocking love song (even though the chorus is cheesy as heck).

I would describe Bon Jovi as a commercial rock band. All of their songs are pleasant to the ears, even their “heavier” tracks are radio friendly. They sure come up with a lot of love songs, which is probably why the girls adore them. So when I want something rocking, but not intense, I go for Bon Jovi. Some of the cheesy lyrics bug me, but instrumentally, I dig 7800° Fahrenheit quite a bit; I mostly love it because it’s not overplayed. Therefore, I’d give this album 4 out of 5 stars. 

Let me know in the comments below your favorite song from Bon Jovi’s 7800° Fahrenheit album!

Take care and see ya real soon!


49 thoughts on “Bon Jovi’s ‘7800° Fahrenheit’ Is Cheesy, But Enjoyable | Album Review

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    1. Oh, yeah definitely not as good as the next four, well ‘Slippery When Wet’ is overrated because it’s the big one. I wonder if you’d think differently if you listened to this album again.

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      1. I probably wouldn’t as I was listening to it when it came out as I somehow got in to Bon Jovi from the beginning. By the time SWW came out as I was already a fan and it was a vast improvement over 7800.

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      2. What sucks about SWW is that it’s only known for those three tracks (even though I dig “Social Disease” and “Let It Rock” quite a bit). I always liked New Jersey much better.

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      3. Ok, I wouldn’t say it’s better than ‘Keep the Faith’ and ‘These Days.’ Since their sound is much more mature on those records and not boring like the later Jon Bon Jovi solo albums.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t hear what you hear. Of the original 5 albums, this is the one that I think just flat out sucks. Some really bad tunes on here like To the Fire. I don’t hear any hip hop, just a poorly written song.

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    1. Really? Not even the “I don’t wanna fall (I don’t wanna fall) / I don’t wanna fall (I don’t wanna fall)” part? Oh well. It’s fine, we can’t agree on anything.


  2. Part of my job in the thrift shoppe is making sure the right disc is in the case. C’mon, Book Off! Let’s go!

    I can’t speak to this album, I don’t even think I have it here, but I’m glad you dig it.

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    1. I know right, what the heck! But then again, it gave me an excuse to buy this album, so it’s all good!

      Thanks. The album title is a pain to type out, though, lol.


      1. I’d have to Google how to make that degree symbol on a Mac keyboard. Hm… ° is Control-Command-Space, and then it was under Frequently Used in the menu. I am learning new things!

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      2. It’s amazing what you can do on a Mac nowadays. I found out that you can screenshot your laptop screen by doing shift + command + 3. Older and younger generations will keep learning new stuff as technology become more advanced.


      3. I think most of it is the cost. Winblows people love to mock Mac folks for paying (what they consider to be) too much for iPhones, or whatever. Maybe it is, I dunno. I just know it works for me and that’s criteria one.

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      4. Hey my Mac is still going strong and I’ve had it since my sophomore year of college. My Mac before that, I’ve had it since my freshman year of high school, which lasted until my sophomore year of college. Six years is pretty good. I’m not an iPhone person, though, as the system is too complicated for me. I’m not sure where you stand on that?


      5. Dang, 10 years, that’s really good!

        I’m an Android person that’s why, so I’ve only iPhones briefly (either my grandma’s or my dad’s) and I wasn’t used to how iPhones work.


      6. I guess so, you wouldn’t want it to crash on you one day out of the blue.

        Ok, but I heard it’s a pain responding to emails on iPhones. Has that been a problem for you?


      7. Ok, yeah the gmail is fine. When I tried the mail function on my Mac, multiple pages popped up, so I use gmail. I don’t use the voice apps because I don’t want to be lazy. That’s why I (mostly) don’t save my passwords online.


      8. I use voice-to-text because why not. It’s there, give ‘er. Plus some of the errors it makes are hilarious.

        I don’t live on my phone, it’s just a tool. Text, mostly. Communication. Occasional internet but only on WiFi – we don’t have data on our plan and that saves me a lot of just mindlessly looking up whatever whenever.

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      9. I didn’t think about the errors that app could make, that’s clever!

        No mindlessly searching through the internet on your phone? So you are really old school then?


      10. Yeah, that’s true. Teenagers these days spend more time posting about their day on social media than actually living in the moment. And who would’ve known that being a YouTuber would be considered a job!


      11. Speaking of too quickly, I found Sesame Street is no longer an hour show, it’s half an hour now (since 2014) because apparently kids these days have short attention spans. What is happening with society?


      12. I didn’t know that, weird. You’d think parents would want the hour’s-worth of babysitting lol. What’s happening to society? I figure the thin veneer is coming off and we’re seeing the ugly underneath.

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      13. I know right?!?! Even the last season of Barney (which was like 2010) consisted of two plot lines in one episode, versus one plot throughout an entire episode. Then again, some kids shows were like that anyways, but geez I hate when shows change too much. If the ugly underneath is showing, it must be due to the social media.


      14. Kids shows have to change with the kids. If they can’t sit still that long, make it shorter I guess.

        The ugly was always there. Social media just made many believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions at all times on every subject, even when not online. It has been good too, though, because it has helped organize and mobilize good movements, and brought things to the light that needed to be brought out. Fine line.


  3. I went back to read what I said about this album. No way near their best album but it doesn’t completely suck either. “King of the Mountain” is the hidden gem, it’s the one song where they let their hair down and simply rock!

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    1. Absolutely! “King of the Mountain” is awesome! In fact, I was considering it for the Bon Jovi portion on my ’10 Underrated Songs From Bands I Like’ post, but I went a different gem instead. Nonetheless, it’s underrated.

      Like you said, not their best album, but also not their worse.


      1. Not that you need to listen to them lol! But since you like blues, you should really check out Richie Sambora’s first solo album, ‘Stranger In This Town.’ Jon Bon Jovi may suck, but Richie does not.

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      2. Hooray! It’s very blues rock and he should’ve kept that sound for his later two solo albums. All of his albums are good in their own way, but the first one is my favorite because it’s more blues oriented.

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