Whitesnake’s ‘Slip of the Tongue’ Is Not All Good, But Not All Bad | Album Review

After I begged my parents to take me to Hungry Ear Records in Kakaʻako, my mom wanted to go to Pearlridge, so that she could go to Macy’s and I could go to the Book Off. One of the albums I found was Whitesnake’s Slip of the Tongue (1989). Some of the panel on Sea... Continue Reading →

Def Leppard’s ‘Hysteria’ Turns 33!

On August 3, 1987, exactly 33 years ago, hard rock legends Def Leppard released their fourth studio album titled Hysteria. The album was the result of dreadful hours in the studio, record-producer Mutt Lange's perfectionism, the never-ending debt of making the album, and drummer Rick Allen's determination to be the best f*cking one-armed drummer in the... Continue Reading →

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