Breaking Down My Spotify Wrapped 2022

So, Spotify has this thing called Spotify Wrapped, which is basically a summary of the different artists and genres you listened to throughout the “entire year.” I used Spotify a lot in 2022 because I’ve been in Florida since March and most of my beloved CDs are back home in Hawaii. In other words, I had no other choice, but to rely on Spotify. Especially on the bus rides going to work and coming home from work. Man, if I didn’t have my headphones for those long bus rides, I would’ve gone insane. But enough about that, let’s see how my Spotify Wrapped 2022 turned out!

How Many Genres I Listened to in 2022

I listened to 11 different genres in 2022. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I’ll take it!

My Top Genres

1. Hard Rock

2. Post-Teen Pop

3. Bubblegum Pop

4. Modern Rock

5. Melodic Hard Rock

My Morning Started With…

Acceptance Upbeat Hype. Whatever the heck that means. Spotify is weird sometimes.

I Seized the Day With…

Energetic Intense Gloomy. Again, what the heck does that mean?

I Embraced the Night With…

Soft Love Fun. Ok, I know that can’t be right because I am not soft!

How Many Minutes I Listened to Spotify in 2022

In 2022, I spent 19,793 minutes listening to Spotify. That’s more than 72 percent of other listeners in the U.S. In 2021, I spent 12,153 listening to Spotify. So, I’d say that’s a big increase compared to last year.

My Top Song of 2022

My top song of 2022 was Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” I played it 30 times, with the most listens on September 7, 2022. My top song for 2021 was AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” so obviously this was quite a turnaround. Especially since Bon Jovi and AC/DC sound completely different from each other.

My Top Songs of 2022

1. “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

2. “Bad Medicine” by Bon Jovi

3. “If I Was Your Mother” by Bon Jovi

4. “In and Out of Love” by Bon Jovi

5. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” by Bon Jovi

Haha, all of these songs are Bon Jovi songs, that’s hilarious! It’s also embarrassing that not even one Def Leppard song made this list. I have a lot of work to do next year!

My Top Artist of 2022

My top artist of 2022 was Bon Jovi! I spent 3,349 minutes listening to them on Spotify and was in the top 0.05 percent of Bon Jovi listeners this year. I knew I loved Bon Jovi, but I didn’t expect them to become my top artist of 2022! I’m not entirely proud of being a Bon Jovi fan because well, Richie Sambora is not there anymore. By the way, release the dang album Richie! Oh and last year’s top artist was AC/DC. 

My Top Artists of 2022

1. Bon Jovi

2. Def Leppard

3. AC/DC

4. Richie Sambora

5. Rival Sons

I was shocked when I found out that Rival Sons made my top five artists list on Spotify because I haven’t been listening to them as long as the other artists on the list. In fact, I started listening to them in July, I believe. But you know what, props to Rival Sons because they deserve more love; they are a freaking awesome modern rock band! Also, I’m glad Def Leppard made the number two spot on the list, instead of AC/DC. Sorry guys, I love you, but I love Def Leppard more!

My Listening Personality

My listening personality was “The Specialist.” I’m selective with the music and artists I listen to, but I’ve got a lot of love to go around. Once I decide I like an artist, I’m all in! Spotify also gave me this weird acronym: “FNVU”:

F – Familiarity

N – Newness

V – Variety

U – Uniqueness

I think my listening personality is pretty accurate. I don’t know about the “love” part, but that’s a slight complaint. I’m very picky about the music I listen to and once I get into an artist, I become obsessed with them! Thankfully, my obsessiveness has toned down a bit, but it’s still pretty bad sometimes.

But, there you have it, people! Honestly, I was worried about how this year’s Spotify Wrapped was going to turn out because I listened to A LOT of pop music on my Disney College Program. From Ariana Grande to Sabrina Carpenter to Demi Lovato to One Direction, I thought I was going to lose my mind! I thought that I was mature enough to listen to pop music again and have it not ruin my mental health. But nope, it just turned me into a big freaking softie and I am so done with that nonsense. I’ll still listen to old Justin Bieber, though, because “Never Say Never” is still my jam!

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  1. You’re sure a huge Bon Jovi fan! It’s interesting that a 20-something year-old like you doesn’t listen to very much new or current music. Perhaps it’s because I write about mostly new music, but even as an old man, I really like a lot of today’s music, and can only listen to my older favorites once in a great while.

    My most-streamed song of the year was Harry Styles’ “As It Was”, which I apparently streamed over 100 times! My top artists were: #1 Two Feet, #2 MISSIO, #3 Spoon, #4 Foals, and #5, a Welsh artist who calls his act Secret Postal Society. I listened to a lot of his music because, earlier this year, I wrote a post about how he wrote and recorded a new song every week in 2021, and had to listen to a lot of them to pick my five favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I just don’t care for current music. Well, I don’t care for current pop music at least. I’m trying to get into more current rock music, but I always end up going back to the old stuff. But, we all like what we like and if current music is your thing, then that’s cool!

      I’ve never heard of your top five artists, but I know that Harry Styles song has been everywhere! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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