I Took the Social Media Music Challenge!

At the beginning of November, the Hudson Valley Squares from Sea of Tranquility did a show where they answered the web’s most popular social media music challenge questions. I’ve wanted to do a blog post like that since then, and that day is finally here! I’m going to answer those questions and give you my honest (and maybe brutal) opinions. Feel free to play along in the comments below. With all that said, let’s get on with the music!

1. What is a band you hate?

A band I hate is Guns N’ Roses. There is some good stuff on the band’s debut studio album, Appetite for Destruction (1987), as well as Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II (both released in 1991). However, they’ve only released six studio albums throughout their 30-something year career and each studio album that followed the debut was worse than the previous one. But that doesn’t matter to the casual fans because Guns N’ Roses are still riding on the success of Appetite for Destruction, which irritates me greatly. And before 2016, the band’s line-up was very unstable with members coming in and out of the group. Whether that was because of drugs, family issues, or Axl Rose’s strong personality, who knows!

2. What is a band you think is overrated?

A band that I think is overrated is Boston. Like Guns N’ Roses, Boston is still riding on the hype of their debut studio album, which was released in 1976. But the difference between the two bands is I actually like stuff from Appetite for Destruction, while I can’t stand Boston’s self-titled debut album. Like seriously, how many times can someone listen to “More Than a Feeling” without getting annoyed? Then, they took so long to release studio albums that people just lost interest in them.

3. What is a band you think is underrated?

I think Rival Sons are extremely underrated, but part of me feels like that’s a good thing. The more popular an artist gets, the more commercial they become and I really don’t like when bands do that. While I do wish Rival Sons were bigger in America, I like that they have the musical freedom to do whatever they want currently. I mean, “Back in the Woods,” “Do Your Worst,” “Memphis Son,” and “Gypsy Heart” are absolute killer tracks from a band that blends modern rock with old school hard rock so well.

4. What is a band you love?

A band I love is AC/DC. Yes, most of their choruses are just repeating the song title over and over again. But if the music is rocking and has a good beat, then that’s all that matters! AC/DC became my saving grace in 2020 and kept me sane during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, Malcolm and Angus Young were around my height, so that was a bonus for me!

5. What is a band you can listen to over and over again?

A band that I can listen to over and over again, as of right now, is Overkill. Def Leppard has their ballads and love songs that are enjoyable when I’m in the lovey-dovey mood. But these past few weeks have been really depressing for me, and I found that listening to thrash metal really relaxed me. I tried listening to Overkill months ago and didn’t like them, but I decided to give them another chance recently and I’ve been loving them since. The intensity of their music hypes me up and makes me feel like I can do anything.

6. What is a band that made you fall in love with music?

This one was tricky because it wasn’t really a band that made me fall in love with music. I’m not even sure if it was a particular artist that made me fall in love with music. But if I had to pick a band that made me go, “wow, this is awesome,” it would be the Jonas Brothers. Ah, the good old Disney Channel days!

7. What is a band that changed your life?

Queen changed my life for the better. Before I saw Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), I only listened to modern pop music. But immediately after I saw the movie, I became obsessed with Queen and gave up pop music for good. I still listen to Ariana Grande, Hannah Montana, and One Direction once in a while. But that doesn’t last for more than a day and I always end up going back to AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Bon Jovi, etc.

8. What is a band that surprised you?

A band that surprised me would be The Eagles. I saw them live at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas with my dad in spring 2013. I’ve never heard of them prior to that concert. But surprisingly, I knew some of their hits because of American Idol. Since then, “Take It Easy” has easily become one of my all-time favorite songs.

9. What band/artist is a guilty pleasure for you?

I don’t have any guilty pleasures since I’ve publicly mentioned that I listen to The Wiggles. But you know what, we’re going with that! I only listen to The Wiggles with Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony, though, because they’re way better than the current Wiggles. Judge me all you want, but “Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car” is a banger!

10. What is a band that you should’ve seen by now, but haven’t?

A band that I should’ve seen live by now, but haven’t, is Def Leppard. In fall 2019, I bought tickets for the Stadium Tour with Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. The tour was originally supposed to take place in summer 2020 and of course, that never happened. I was really bummed because that would’ve been my first Def Leppard concert ever. I had VIP meet-and-greet passes to meet the guys too. Now, I’ll have to wait until they do another Vegas residency in order to see the band live.

11. What is your favorite band to see live?

Since I haven’t been to a lot of concerts, I’ll re-word this question as “what was your favorite concert you attended?” That would be when I saw Justin Bieber live at Hawaii’s Blaisdell Arena in October 2010. That was for the My World Tour; Bieber still had his hair flip at the time. He performed all of my favorite songs: “One Time,” “Down to Earth,” “Somebody to Love,” “Never Let You Go,” One Less Lonely Girl,” and “Never Say Never” with Jaden Smith. It was still the best concert I’ve ever been to, so far!

There you have it, people! I took the social media music challenge and surprisingly, this was a lot harder than I thought. But, what’s the point of a challenge if it’s not difficult to some extent? So, if you’re looking for a fun game to do with your music loving friends, give the social media music challenge a try!

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If you’d like to take the social media music challenge, leave your responses to the questions in the comments below!

Take care and see ya real soon!



15 thoughts on “I Took the Social Media Music Challenge!

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  1. Lana, it was very brave of you for putting your heart out there, at least in terms of music. No one should be afraid to speak their mind and while I don’t hate Guns and Rose or think Boston is overrated, I get where you are coming from. I mean “More Than a Feeling” must be on at least four maybe five compilation albums I have. There are better songs on that album. Anyway, well done to you and I hope Overkill can help you with your depression.

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  2. It’s endlessly fascinating how differently music resonates – or not – with each of us. Your and my music tastes seem to be very different, partly due to our vast difference in age no doubt, but we appear to pretty much agree on Guns N’Roses. Other than for their massive hit “Sweet Child O’Mine”, I haven’t cared for any of their other songs. Axl Rose’s shrill voice grates on my last nerve, and I downright loathe “Welcome to the Jungle”.

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  3. This was fantastic Lana! First, I love the Wiggles too…but for me it is due to the memory they bring about my kids when they were little. And GNR, you know I kind of agree. I think Appetite is a fantastic album…one of the best…but the band hasn’t put out anything even remotely close to it since. However, good on them for still making bank off the success of that first one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. Styx
      2. The Beatles
      3. The dB’s
      4. Black Sabbath
      5. The Police
      6. Zeppelin
      7. R.E.M.
      8. AxCx
      9. Huey Lewis and the News
      10. Public Image Ltd
      11. Weird Al

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for sending me your responses Holen! I totally agree with you about The Beatles being overrated. I was going to put them as my choice, but I was worried about the backlash I’d get in the comments lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like them, but I never listen to them. They have some good songs, but big time overrated. I have no fear of being ostracized over saying that! We’ll both be musical pariahs.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Pete!

      I agree with you about Red Hot Chili Peppers (even though Aaron likes them) and Radiohead being overrated! I get the hate for One Direction. As much as I love them, I still find it pathetic that they only lasted 5 years together.

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