Reflections on the Year 2021

It’s that time again, where I reflect on this past year and honestly, 2021 was a lot better than 2020! I mean, how could it not be? I bought a lot more CDs to add to my CD collection, I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I’m on my third writing internship (which should end in a couple of months), and I got into the Disney College Program. I know people are stressing out about the Omicron variant currently, but I won’t let that get me down! Let’s just pray that the Omicron variant and other COVID-19 stuff don’t ruin our lives again.

The beginning of the year wasn’t too exciting. I was finishing my last semester of college online and I was wrapping things up with Ka Leo, the Disney Ohana Club, and the Public Relations Student Society of America. By the way, I did an awesome presentation for my FDM 200 class, which was basically a class about fashion and appearance, where I discussed the band tee trend. After I graduated, I kind of stopped talking to my friends from my “real life.” Instead, I was mostly communicating with my WordPress friends because that’s what I wanted to focus on: my writing. 

My internship experience with Hawaii Business Magazine, which was from June to August 2021, taught me so much and it helped me grow as a professional writer. First of all, I learned that it’s not appropriate to show Disney stuffed animals during Zoom interviews for an article. Second of all, I got to attend my first leadership conference, where I met all of the Hawaii Business Magazine staff in-person. But most of all, I took on my toughest article at the time, “Tattoos in the Workplace Are an Evolving Issue in Hawaiʻi,” which was about the sensitive subject of tattoos in the workplace. It was hard getting interviews at first, but in the end, I got to talk with such nice people that gave helpful info/opinions for my article.

After my internship with Hawaii Business Magazine, I spent the next three months doing nothing because the publishing companies I was interested in weren’t hiring, but also, I still didn’t have enough writing experience for a full-time job. On the plus side, my parents had a babysitter for my dog, Roxy, because I had no life! Then, on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, I talked about it already in this post, but I’ll talk about it again briefly. I opened an email from the Manoa Career Center, which said that Disney was still hiring for the Disney College Program for Spring 2022. After thinking about it all day, I decided to apply and 12 days later, on Monday, November 8, 2021, I was accepted into the program!

Around the same time I applied for the Disney College Program, I applied for a remote internship for a publishing company in Colorado called Topic Insights. I got two articles published with them so far: one was about the problem with Instagram and the other was about how to accomplish New Year’s resolutions. So after I’m done with my internship for Topic Insights, I’ll be getting ready to go to Florida for the Disney College Program; I’ll be working at Walt Disney World. I haven’t been to Disney World since I was five, so I’m really excited to go back there; I need to make a bucket list of the things I want to do there.

As for CDs, my favorites that I bought this year include Richie Sambora’s Stranger in this Town (1991), Black Sabbath’s Born Again (1983), Bon Jovi’s Keep the Faith (1992), Whitesnake’s Ready an’ Willing (1980), Saints & Sinners (1982), and Slide It In (1984), and Deep Purple’s Deep Purple in Rock (1970) and Fireball (1971). I guess, I have a lot of favorites from 2021. I just don’t post about them online because I don’t feel like showing off my CDs to the world as soon as I get them; I just want to listen to the music! I’ll post pictures of them eventually when I do album reviews for them; I did reviews for a couple of them already. By the way, I’m going to miss my CDs so much when I’m down in Florida for four months.

In 2022, I’m hoping for a new Def Leppard studio album (the band’s last studio album was released in 2015), a tour announcement from AC/DC (I need to see my man Phil Rudd smack those drums in person), opportunities to see Iron Maiden and Judas Priest live (or tour announcements, at least), and a wonderful experience on my Disney College Program. My mom doesn’t want to go to the mainland too many times because we’re already going to drop me off for the Disney College Program. But anyways, thank you 2021 for the wonderful memories and for helping me grow as a writer; bring on 2022!

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    1. OF COURSE!!!! Sambora’s debut album is way better than anything Bon Jovi ever did. I wish he kept that bluesy sound for all of his studio albums, but oh well. His second album had some blues stuff, but he got rid of it completely for his third studio album. I hope he releases another one soon though.

      Do you like Sambora’s other two studio albums? Just curious.

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      1. The second one wasn’t a favorite but the “Aftermath” album definitely is a favourite.

        I caught him on that tour and he really nailed his set list, a great mixture of solo tunes, Jovi tunes and they played “Don’t Change” from Inxs.

        His new one is recorded and mixed and mastered. It was done last year. He’s just holding on to it, waiting for this whole coronavirus to disappear so he can release it and your behind it.

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      2. Yeah, his second one is um, not as good as the first. I do like some songs from that album though. But “Made in America” is a bit too country for me. I lowkey want to get ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown’ (even though I’m not in love with it yet) because “Seven Years Gone” is in my top five Richie Sambora songs and I love it so much!

        I saw a youtube video of that tour and he was incredible. He performed “Fallen From Graceland,” which is one of my favorites from the second album. But I’m sure, seeing him live in person was better than a freaking YouTube video, so you are so lucky! Do you remember how far you were from the stage?

        Oh ok, the rumors are true, he did record a new album? Thank goodness. I hate to break it to him though, this coronavirus ain’t going away for a long while, so Richie needs to release the album soon! It’s been long enough already. I know his last studio album was released 9 years ago (next year would be 10), but he hasn’t been doing much I’m assuming. Just ignore the Orianthi stuff he did.

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      3. Seven Years Gone is also one of my favorites on that Aftermath album. When he played it live it was really heartfelt.

        In relation to where I was, the venue was small with a lower tier which was standing only and the upper tier which was seated. I took the upper tier as I had my two sons with me who were 8 and 7. The venue is set up so that regardless of where you sit or stand, the stage is close. No more than 20m distance.

        Yes Bob Rock said it on a podcast he was on that he’s finished The Offspring and Sambora albums and the artists are just waiting for the virus to die down. Well since then The Offspring did release their album, however Sambora is still holding on to it.

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      4. I’m sure it was! I watched a video of Richie playing it on the Craig Ferguson show and he was really into it.

        Oh ok, so no matter where you were sitting you got a good view of the stage? That’s cool. That’s awesome you took your sons with you too. Did they enjoy the show, like you did?

        Oh that’s right I saw clips of Bob Rock working with Richie (well the thumbnails at least). Sambora isn’t getting any younger; he should just release it already!

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      5. My sons loved it. The saw Bon Jovi without Richie a few months before that with me and then they saw Richie.

        And Richie played Lay Your Hands On Me which Jovi didn’t and my kids really like that song so that was the clincher.

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      6. That’s good your sons loved the show; Richie is amazing live. Richie was still in Bon Jovi when the ‘Aftermath of the Lowdown’ album was released, so how did you guys see Bon Jovi without him?

        Ooh yah! I saw a video of Richie doing the lead vocals for “Lay Your Hands On Me” from 2010/2011 during a Bon Jovi gig and he NAILED IT!!!

        If I did a post where I do a battle between Richie and Jon called “Who Sang It Better?”, I’d include that song!

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      7. Oops I read your previous sentence wrong. I thought you said your sons saw Bon Jovi with Richie, but you said “without” Richie. That’s my fault sorry. How did Jon sound in December 2013?

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    1. Yeah, you can say that. I don’t want to over-hype it, but again, 2021 was way better than 2020.

      Thanks so much, Happy Panda! I can’t wait to share my DCP experience with everyone on this blog. Have a happy new year!


    1. I hope so! I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I want to think positively of what’s to come in 2022. The last time I got my hopes up for the new year, covid happened and my Def Leppard concert got canceled, lol. Thank you for your kind words, though, Aaron! Fingers crossed!


      1. Yeah, you’re right! “Life’s What You Make It,” a song title by Hannah Montana lol. But seriously, 2020 did have some perks even when covid was still relatively new.


      2. Yep, never heard of ‘Life of Brian,’ but that’s what popped up when I searched up the song title itself. I can’t remember where I’ve heard that song though!


      3. Pretty famous film. I recommend it absolutely. Just remember to adjust your mental timeline to a long time ago when it was made lol. Still a classic though. That one, Holy Grail, and Meaning Of Life. Essentials.

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      4. That explains the scene where the guys were dressed during the time when Jesus died on the cross! Referring to how old the film was and what they were going for.


      5. Omg I just realized this: Eric Idle from ‘Life if Brian’ was featured in the Disney World ride ‘Journey Into Imagination with Figment.’ He played a scientist named Dr. Nigel Channing. Small world.


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