Iron Maiden Made a Comeback with ‘Brave New World’ | Album Review

The year 2000 saw new releases like AC/DC’s Stiff Upper Lip (2000), Bon Jovi’s Crush (2000), Backstreet Boys’ Black & Blue (2000), and Iron Maiden’s Brave New World (2000). The latter marked the return of vocalist Bruce Dickinson (he left in 1993) and guitarist Adrian Smith (he left in 1990). Brave New World is also the band’s first studio album recorded as a six-piece, as guitarist Janick Gers, who replaced Smith in 1990, stayed with the band. This album has my favorite album cover of theirs because I love how Eddie is formed in the clouds and the mixture of colors used (consisting of blue, purple, grey, and light blue). My previous Iron Maiden album review was for Somewhere in Time (1986), so if you haven’t already, feel free to check that out. But without further ado, let’s get on with the music for Brave New World!

The album kicks off with “The Wicker Man,” a track that sounds like classic Maiden with a heavy guitar riff and a fun sing-along line in the chorus. I’ve seen YouTube videos of Dickinson singing this track in concert and it’s so breathtaking hearing the audience sing with him, “your time will come” with so much passion, and the “woah oh oh” is a fun outro to sing as well. “Ghost of the Navigator” has the guys experimenting with different tempo changes. It’s hard to get into this song because other than the tempo changes, this song is very dull as there are no hooks or memorable riffs. 

The title track has a cool guitar solo and I love the lyrics in the verses as they fit the theme of the song (“Dying swans twisted wings, bring this savage back home”), but the chorus is lazy. It just repeats “brave new world” over and over again; some songs can get away with repeating a line over and over again, but it depends on the pace of the track and how repetitive it is. The guitar riff for “Blood Brothers” has a classical music vibe to it and the song is very soothing that the listener can sway their head back and forward to it. It has a triumphic feel, yet, the lyrics are somewhat depressing (“And as you look all around at the world in dismay / What do you see, do you think we have learned? / Not if you’re taking a look at the war-torn affray / Out in the streets where the babies are burnt”). 

“The Mercenary” is another track that resembles classic Maiden with orchestrated guitar parts, a catchy hook, and flavorful drumming. “Dream of Mirrors” drags on forever and the increased tempo change from the five minute and 50 second mark to about the eight minute mark did not help the song one bit. A lot of the verses felt useless and I think the band could’ve shortened the song from nine minutes to about four minutes. “The Fallen Angel” is all killer and no filler, meaning no weird tempo changes and no instrumental sections that go on for five minutes; it’s a no bullsh*t and high-energy driven track.

Unlike the previous track, “The Nomad” is unmemorable, the guitar riff is nothing groundbreaking, the song could’ve been shortened from nine minutes to five minutes, and let’s just say, I’m sick of the word “nomad” thanks to this song. “Out of the Silent Planet” is ok; it has a melodic riff, the tempo changes aren’t overbearing, and I like the lyrics for the verses (“The killing fields, the grinding wheels / Crushed by equilibrium / Separate lives, no more disguise / No more second chances”). But once again, the lyrics for the chorus are lazy; it just repeats “out of the silent planet” over and over again. The album closes with the grand and epic track called, “The Thin Line Between Love and Hate.” I get chills when Dickinson sings the last line of the song, there is some tremendous guitar playing in this track, and the lyrics are relatable and moving. I bought Brave New World because of this track!

Iron Maiden definitely needed Dickinson back, so the band was on the right path with this album. There are some stinkers, but the good tracks outweigh the bad tracks. There are a few that I grew to like more while listening to the album for this review, which doesn’t happen very often. Other than the fact that I couldn’t hear Steve Harris’ bass much, I enjoyed this album quite a bit. Therefore, I’d give Brave New World 4 out of 5 stars.

Comment below your favorite song from Iron Maiden’s Brave New World album!

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32 thoughts on “Iron Maiden Made a Comeback with ‘Brave New World’ | Album Review

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  1. It’s got a bit of meh on it, but it’s got some great songs too. Dream of Mirrors and Fallen Angel are definitely my favourites. I dislike Blood Brothers because it’s so overplayed live. Never got why everyone seems to like The Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

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    1. Oh how many times have you seen Maiden live? Now that I think about it, “Blood Brothers” does sound like a song that the crowd can sing along to. And people love “The Thin Line Between Love and Hate” because it’s EPIC!!!

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      1. Seen live, never. But live albums owned, pretty much all of them. And considering that reunion era tracks don’t get many spots in the setlists, I’m done with Blood Brothers getting it.

        And The Thin Line Between Love and Hate is definitely one of my meh ones

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      2. I’m sure they’ve must’ve come to Australia before though, right? Unless tickets were expensive. I’m not saying “Blood Brothers” is the greatest track to play from the reunion era, but I don’t hate it. I’d much rather hear “The Fallen Angel” from that album.

        And “Dream of Mirrors” is one of my meh songs!

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      3. I’ve really only been into them properly since 2016, so I just missed them on the Book of Souls tour, and I was going to see them May 1st 2020, but then absolutely nothing happened to change that.


      4. I saw them on the tour for your favorite album. Ghost opened up. Tobias Forge (before anyone knew it was him) kept going on about going home and giving your lover an orgasm. No joke!

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      5. He did it in a very classy European way. They’re all about nudity, the U.S. is all about violence.


      6. That explains just about every president, except maybe Jimmy Carter? And he only made it one term.

        Now we’re all about senility, and puppetry.

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      7. I don’t even know who Jimmy Carter is. I try to stay away from politics because I get worked up easily. I can’t even watch Titanic without keeping my big mouth shut!


      8. He’s 96 and still alive incredibly. He was President from ’77-81 before Reagan, and I say no blood because apparently there were no shots fired by the military during his presidency. He’s big into philanthropy. A lot of people say he wasn’t an effectual Prez because he was too nice a guy.

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      9. The world viewed him as a pushover, the economy went into stagflation, gas prices were absurd, and people blamed him for not being able to handle the Iran hostage crisis because he was too much of a softee. The hostages were released the day Reagan was sworn into office.

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  2. Of course I like this one. I know Harrison said Blood Brothers got overplayed live, but they played it in 2016 in Toronto when we went, as the penultimate track of the encore (between The Number Of The Beast and show closer Wasted Years) and it was epic. I think being there really helps that out.


    1. Pretty sure that’s when they played it since I saw the same tour. There was a guy with a Texas flag in the front row, and Bruce gave him shit about it. “You blokes think you’re your own country!”


      1. I don’t know, the guy probably just felt like he was representing. Like a United Nations conference held at an Iron Maiden concert.

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      2. See for yourself. He addresses the people from San Antonio Texas at 58:55.

        If you want to see the start of him calling out the flags, go to 58:37. And just so it’s clear, we weren’t in Kansas. Bruce was mistaken.

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    1. I’ll be posting my review for ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ next week and I don’t know what your thoughts are on that album, but I ended up liking that one more than ‘Brave New World.’


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