My Dream Setlist for Def Leppard

One of my favorite YouTube channels at the moment, Sea of Tranquility, did a series throughout the month of March where they created dream setlists for their favorite bands. They didn’t do one for Def Leppard unfortunately, and around the same time, I came across this article from Ultimate Classic Rock from 2011 titled, “Def Leppard Fans Demand Setlist Changes.” With those factors in mind, I decided to create my own dream setlist for Def Leppard because as much as I love Def Leppard, their setlists are pretty predictable. They mostly play stuff from Hysteria (1987), their best-selling album to date, they hardly play anything from their first two albums, and they tossed aside everything they did post-90s.

I compared the setlists for two gigs: one from April 12, 2003 at Beacon Theatre, New York, and one of the dates for their 2019 Vegas Residency at the Zappos Theater on September 7, 2019. Both gigs featured the same 16 songs, and if you include the gig Def Leppard did at Great Stage Park in Manchester on October 12, 2019, that setlist included 13 of the 16 tracks. The common tracks include “Rocket,” “Let’s Get Rocked,” “Hysteria,” “Animal,” “Love Bites,” “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak,” “Switch 625,” “Two Steps Behind,” “Rock of Ages,” and “Photograph.” Def Leppard is my favorite band of all time, but I complain about them a lot because I know they can do better when it comes to their shows (and most recent studio albums). They can still rock out when they want to, but it seems like something is holding them back from doing so.

Anyways, the people on Sea of Tranquility got creative with their setlists by going back in time to a specific gig with a specific line-up, but with different songs, or they made up their own gigs during a certain time period in the band’s career. It didn’t matter if some of the members weren’t alive anymore because anything can happen in a dream. However, out of respect for the current members, I’ll stick with the current Def Leppard line-up, which consists of Joe Elliott on lead vocals, Rick Savage on bass guitar, Rick Allen on drums, and the two guitarists Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell.

The gig would take place during the summer of 2022 in Hawaii at Blaisdell Arena. But why Hawaii? Because I’m from Hawaii and I missed them when Def Leppard came to Hawaii back in October 2018; I got into the band a year later and again due to poor timing, I missed their 2019 Vegas residency as well. So this dream gig would make up for those previous gigs that I missed. The dream concert in Hawaii would be the final stop on their summer 2022 world tour, which is titled, “Embracing Our Past.” 

The show officially starts at 8:00 p.m., everyone gets in their seats, and then the intro to “Die Hard the Hunter” comes on, which is the first song of the night. When they played that song as the opener for their Vegas shows, I thought that was such a bada** way to start the show, so I said to myself, “why not bring it back for this setlist?” After “Die Hard the Hunter,” we’re going to keep the focus on Pyromania (1983) for a bit by jumping into “Comin’ Under Fire,” and the crowd goes wild because the band had never performed that live before until this tour, so this was huge! Then Def Leppard goes into “Stagefright,” another killer track from Pyromania that the boys hadn’t played in years, with the exception of Viva! Hysteria (2013).

After “Stagefright,” Campbell starts shredding on the opening riff for “Answer to the Master;” that’s right people, I said it, they’re bringing in the rarities from their first album. Continuing with songs from On Through the Night (1980), the band jumps into “It Don’t Matter,” followed by “Rock Brigade,” which they haven’t played since Viva! Hysteria. Moving onto High ‘n’ Dry (1981), the band performs “High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night),” and everyone is losing their minds by this point, including me, because that riff is pure gold!

“You Got Me Runnin’” is next and Campbell nails Pete Willis’ guitar solo! They already played two of my favorite songs from High ‘n’ Dry, what more could I ask for? Oh yeah, “Lady Strange,” followed by “Another Hit and Run;” we’re bringing on the headbangers for the first part of the setlist. Props to Allen for still kicking a** on the drums with one arm because those first two Def Leppard albums are intense.

The lights go down for a bit and then they come back on. Elliott introduces the members one by one, and then, the acoustic set begins. The first song on the acoustic set is “Where Does Love Go When It Dies,” which is followed by “Move with Me Slowly,” the Japanese bonus track from Slang (1996). Continuing on songs from Slang, the boys perform “All I Want is Everything,” before jumping into “Tonight,” a beautiful ballad from the Adrenalize (1992) album.

The lights go down and Def Leppard gets into position for their next song, “Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion).” The lights go up once again and Elliott begins the first verse to this underrated track that has never been performed live. After “Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion),” the boys do the greatest thing ever, they perform “White Lightning,” but not before showing a pic of Steve Clark in the background to honor him. The setlist is too good to be true as they played my favorite Def Leppard song of all time, which they haven’t played since the Adrenalize tour. The band then performs “Long, Long Way to Go” from the X (2002) album.

To pick up the pace, Def Leppard rocks out to “Cry,” a banger from the previously mentioned X album. Then Collen plays the opening riff to “Hallucinate,” a rocking track from Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008). Don’t worry casual fans, I included a couple tracks from Hysteria, starting with the title track, followed by “Armageddon It.” I love “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” but Def Leppard should give that song a rest once in a while.

The lights go down and then the band comes back out for their encore, starting with “Undefeated,” one of their best newer (or newish) tracks, courtesy of Mirror Ball – Live & More (2011). Next up is “Rock of Ages,” which is overplayed, but it is a classic. Besides, I have to cheer Collen on when he does his solo before the last chorus; it’s a must! Finally, closing off the show, we get “I Wanna Touch U,” another track from Adrenalize (1992). I’ve always felt the latter would make a great closing track for Def Leppard’s gigs because it has that celebratory vibe that makes you want more, but unfortunately, good things must come to an end. 

There you have it! That is my dream setlist for Def Leppard, featuring a lot of old stuff and some newer stuff. Not all of their albums are included in this setlist, but I think it’s a good amount of stuff the band did throughout their career.

Def Leppard, if you’re reading this, I love you guys, but it’s time you guys make some changes to your setlist. You don’t necessarily have to go extreme with the rarities because I know it’s a lot of work to change the setlist often with the production and lighting. But consider giving your other albums a chance and give Hysteria a break, or at least bring back “White Lightning” to the setlist. There is a way to please the hardcore fans and the casual fans at the same time, you guys just need to find a balance between the two (some rarities mixed in with the hits). Don’t toss aside everything you’ve done for the past 40 years to please the casual fans! 

Feel free to comment below your dream setlist for Def Leppard!

Take care and see ya real soon!



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  1. That was a fun show Lana. I had started this exact post about 2 years ago when they announced a tour and never finished it. My choices would’ve been a little different, but loved you had some X songs on there. I like that album. But sadly this will never be their setlist as they cater to the general public who only wants to hear the hits. The Vegas shows are more for us diehards as they do bring out the deep cuts there.

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    1. Oh I’m glad you enjoyed the setlist John, knowing I included some songs from Adrenalize on my setlist because I know that album is iffy with some people. I’d love to read your setlist one day, if you decide to finish it. I would’ve included one more song from X, but setlist would’ve been too long if I did lol. I get they cater to the general audience, but come on, they’ve been playing the same 13-16 songs for almost two decades now, what the heck? How many times can people hear “Rocket” and “Animal”? I know the Vegas shows were awesome and I regret it so much that I missed that residency. Actually, I regret missing the Viva Hysteria shows too because they played my favorite song from High ‘n’ Dry.

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  2. Cool list, Lana! Iron Maiden solved this problem by doing whole tours dedicated to different ideas/setlists so they didn’t just play all the hits all the time. DL should see this and take you up on your idea!

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    1. Oh yeah you’ve seen Maiden live yeah, how were they the last time you saw them? What was the setlist like?

      Ikr and since I’m young, they can turn to me for advice on what the younger audiences would want. Def Leppard needs to hire me on their team period!


      1. How was Iron Maiden in concert? There’s only ever one word: EPIC. What a show.

        If you type in Iron Maiden 2016 in the search bar at the bottom of the KMA main page, you’ll get my review, the setlist, all the videos (shot by others) and some song stats.

        Have your people call DL’s people and get on that, wouldja? 😉


      2. Oh I’m so jealous you got to see Maiden live! Covid better end soon so that I can see them on their next tour (after they do the rescheduled shows).

        While I’m not thrilled they played the hits and title tracks from ‘Fear of the Dark,’ ‘Powerslave,’ ‘Somewhere in Time,’ etc., I liked that they played more songs from their most recent album. Sounds like it was a great show though and you had great seats since you got to eat from the Maiden menu.

        I would but unfortunately, other than through social media, the closest thing I have to Def Leppard’s people is through Mike (since he was mentioned in their Volume 2 box set) haha.


      3. I’m late to the Maiden game, can’t claim I was a fan all my life, but now I know they rule and seeing them in concert was glorious, indeed. You’ll get there. I loved Book Of Souls, so when they played that stuff I was thrilled.

        Probably hard to get DL’s ear, at this point, it’s true. Ah well, just enjoy the tunes and what will be will be!


      4. I guess it’s better late than never! Speaking of Book of Souls, I heard their later albums are really long. Does it get boring at times? I was like that with A Matter of Life and Death at first.

        Omg they just did this bracket thing where they had the “fans” choose the best Def Leppard song, and the final choices were “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Photograph.” 😦 I’m still upset “High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night)” got out the first round. The casual fans don’t know what they’re missing!


      5. Oh yeah, I’m making up for lost time.

        Book Of Souls boring? Pardon my French, but hell no. It’s some of the best stuff they’ve ever done. Buy it, crank it, fall in love. People who say that stuff have zero idea what they’re talking about. Probably the folks that complain when the concert they see isn’t all retread hits.

        Can’t lie, Pour… is done. Stick a fork in it, it’s done. Photograph is still awesome though.

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      6. I’m looking at Wikipedia and their songs range from 5 to 18 minutes. As long as it’s not just filled with long instrumentals because I get bored easily, but that’s just me. You bring up a good point about the concert goers that only want the hits.

        I would’ve picked “Photograph” to be honest. I do love “Pour Some Sugar on Me” more, but it is played to death! Don’t even get me started on those music reaction channels that only react to the “hits.”


      7. With Iron Maiden it isn’t song length. It’s the feel. It’s the story. It’s every damn bit that goes into what makes all those songs so great. No way you can get bored, listening to them. You get swept along and suddenly that 12 minutes is done and you had no idea because it was so awesome.

        I tried some of those reaction sites, gave up after a while.


      8. I guess that’s another way to look at it. Maybe I’m just not there yet as a fan. There are songs like “The Thin Line Between Love and Hate” that I can listen to and it goes by fast because I get lost in the music.

        I mostly watch music reaction channels because it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that was late to discovering these older bands (even if it’s just the hits).


      9. It’ll be at least another year or two till I see them on tour anyways, since they’ll be busy playing their rescheduled European tour dates.

        Have you ever seen the Scorpions on tour by the way? They’re playing in Vegas in March 2022, and I’m debating whether or not to get tickets (might not, but I thought I’d ask).


      10. Yeah would be cool. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to watch some of their gigs on youtube before whether or not to buy tickets. Then again, I’m also hesitant to buy tickets at this point because of how uncertain the world is now, even if the gig is in 2022.


      11. My small town doesn’t get too many shows, and Taranna is 2.5 hours one way, so 5 hours of driving plus show and meal and tickets… it’s a long expensive day. Worth it sometimes, but not often.


      12. Ah I see. That makes sense; location makes a huge difference. That’s probably why the only shows I’ve been to were either in Hawaii or in Vegas (which isn’t many). I missed my chance to see Richie with Bon Jovi because they came to Hawaii in 2010, unknown to my 12 year old mind back then. What a bummer.

        You must pick and choose which bands you really want to see in concert then?


      13. Usually it’s Brother Craig or Brother Wilf who have their act together and I go with them LOL.

        If you’re flying from Hawaii to VEgas, could you not also go to L.A.? Lots of gigs there, I should think…


      14. Haha.

        I’d assume there’d be plenty of concerts in LA. I think the reason why my parents are ok with Vegas though is because they’re familiar with the place. Not so much LA, but that would be cool to go there.


      15. It really would. One of the job offers my lovely wife had back in ’05 was in San Bernardino, which is a bit south of L.A. We’re fairly glad we didn’t choose to go there to live (mudslides, meth, more…), but a visit to Lalaland would be fun once in this lifetime.

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  3. Another comment: You made me think about what my dream setlist for one of my favourite bands would be, so since I have Guided By Voices on my mind (thank you John Snow!) I wondered what it would be for them. And then I realized they already (pretty much) did it, a New Years show called The Electrifying Conclusion. It went 4h 20m and they played 63 songs. I know. I KNOW!

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    1. 4 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES?!?!?! 63 SONGS?!?!? And I thought Bon Jovi was nuts for doing shows that are 3 hours. But if Guided By Voices was able to put on a show that long, it must mean they have a long list of great tunes.


      1. Yup, over 4 hours. To be fair, that was one of their farewell shows (they’re like KISS, they do a farewell and then come back) but it was also New Year’s Eve so they really went for it. I have the DVD of the show, it was phenomenal.

        Yup, Wiki credits Bob Pollard with over 1500 songs but I think that’s maybe a lowball number. The man’s a machine. Not all of it is good, of course, but that’s all subjective.


      2. Yeah it’s an awesome name. They have so many, all cool. Song titles too. Did you know about the Suitcase boxed sets? 100 songs over 4CDs each, each track a new band name and song title, with complete song to boot. Incredible. And that’s just stuff off to the side. Careful, once you go down that road, you won’t come back. You’ll be very happy, though, I know I am.


      3. Haha that’s funny! I’m looking at the band names right now. The Golden Pickle, Stingy Queens, Drugs & Eggs, Boston Spaceships, Hearthrob Johnson Firestone, and Immediate Frozen Lookalikes. How did they come up with so many fake names?


      1. I love that cover. One of my favourite Leppard songs, not that I know that many. Slang would admittedly be hard to recreate live


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