Songs with the Same Title – Thin Lizzy Edition

We’re back with another post for the Songs with the Same Title series. If you haven’t seen my last post, where I tackled Judas Priest, go check it out! The next band on the agenda is Thin Lizzy. I’ve wanted to do this post for a while, thanks to a specific AC/DC song, and we are finally doing it. There are six rounds, and in each round, I’ll be comparing two tracks with the same title; one from the respective artist and one from a different artist. In the end, I’ll determine the winner for the overall battle. So without further or do, let’s get on with the music!

“This is the One” (1983) by Thin Lizzy

“This is the One” (1989) by The Stone Roses

I don’t care for the chorus of Thin Lizzy’s “This is the One,” but I love the drums and the percussion throughout the track. Also, I’m not a big fan of the singer’s voice, but the musicianship made up for it because the drums, bass, and guitar all had their time to shine. I’ll give props for The Stone Roses’ melodic “This is the One” because it is a beautiful song to play as background music. But Thin Lizzy wins round one for sure!

“Angel of Death” (1982) by Thin Lizzy

“Angel of Death” (1986) by Slayer

I’ve been watching a lot of Sea of Tranquility, a music youtube channel, recently, and they talk very highly of Slayer; and I thought Metallica was intense. But dang, these guys know how to play! That double kick drum part before the last chorus is pretty epic, and the screaming fits the vibe of the song title. Thin Lizzy’s “Angel of Death” had plenty of instrumentals, and honestly, I got bored halfway through the song. Sorry Thin Lizzy, Slayer takes the win for round two.

“Got to Give it Up” (1977) by Marvin Gaye

“Got to Give it Up” (1979) by Thin Lizzy

For Thin Lizzy’s “Got to Give it Up,” the chorus repeats the title nonstop, which can get annoying. Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up” is interesting because it has a punchy bassline. But also, the controversy behind the song caught my attention. Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ “Blurred Lines” shares a similar beat and melody with Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up,” which led to a lawsuit for copyright infringement and all that good stuff. I mean, Gaye isn’t my cup of tea, but I still like it more than Thin Lizzy’s song. Therefore, Gaye wins round three.

“Soldier of Fortune” (1977) by Thin Lizzy

“Soldier of Fortune” (1989) by Loudness

Mike Ladano made me aware of Loudness, so I’m thankful I found a song of theirs for this post. Round four was originally between Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy for “Soldier of Fortune,” but Spotify notified me that Loudness also has a song with the same title. I scrapped the Deep Purple song once I heard the guitar riff and Michael Vescera scream on a high note! It was loud and aggressive, and I loved the speedy guitar solo. As you can tell, Loudness wins round four.

“Call the Police” (1972) by Thin Lizzy

“Call the Police” (2017) by LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem’s song has a good vibe; very relaxing and soothing. I think it is a bit long, though, because it’s seven bloody minutes! Also, I felt like Thin Lizzy’s lyrics were a bit lazy because most of the song is just the singer going “call the police” over and over again. At least LCD Soundsystem put some thought into their lyrics. Both tracks have good bass riffs, but LCD Soundsystem takes the win for round five. 

“Jailbreak” (1976) by Thin Lizzy

“Jailbreak” (1976) by AC/DC

Sorry Thin Lizzy fans but AC/DC wins the final round because of a certain someone; Malcolm Young! That riff is iconic, and it sounds better live. AC/DC’s 1991 performance in Donington is incredible; Angus goes nuts on the guitar for three minutes, and then BAM!!! Suddenly, Mal kicks you in the face with his riff; and his incredible crystal clear tone! Bon Scott gives the song a haunting feel, which suits it perfectly. The music video is kind of sad because Scott gets shot in the back trying to escape prison. It’s disturbing to watch, knowing he died so young. Going back to the song, AC/DC knows how to rock with a solid groove, a great frontman, a killer guitar riff, and a subtle bass riff. 

I hate to say it, but Thin Lizzy got destroyed in this post, but I can see why people like this band because they had a good vibe. Unfortunately, they only won one of the six rounds. Therefore, the other artists are the overall winners of the battle. I won’t be getting into Thin Lizzy anytime soon, but I’ll be checking out Slayer and Loudness sometime in the future!

What was your favorite song from each round? Let me know in the comments below! 

Take care and see ya real soon!



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      1. I do enjoy those posts, it must be fun look ing that stuff up. To the Googles!

        Oh I knew of Thin Lizzy before Mike, but he’s the reason I own so many albums. I think he upgraded to newer editions.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, it’s super fun! Especially when I see a familiar song title and connect it to another song that I grew up with!

        Oh you knew of Thin Lizzy before, I should’ve known you’ve heard of them before Mike since you’re a music fanatic. Mike must really enjoy Thin Lizzy then.


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