Songs with the Same Title – Slayer Edition

We’re back with another edition to the Songs with the Same Title series, and this time, we’re covering the thrash metal band known as Slayer. Last time when I took on Thin Lizzy, I said that I’d be interested in checking out more Slayer songs, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Once again, there will be six rounds, and each round, I’ll be comparing two songs, one by the respective artist and one by a different artist. I’ll pick my favorite song from each round, and after the final round, I’ll determine the overall winner of the battle. Without further ado, let’s get on with the music!

“Black Magic” (1983) by Slayer

“Black Magic” (2015) by Little Mix

What’s cool about this series is that I get to break away from my love for hard rock and reflect on songs I grew up with. I don’t listen to Little Mix much, in fact, this is the only song of theirs I still listen to. It’s about using magic to win over the boy of your dreams (as depicted in the music video). I love how the girls were geeky at the start of the video and then, BAM!!! They’re hot stuff and they’ve got the recipe to make the boys want more. Another cool thing about Little Mix’s “Black Magic” is that it’s one of the few songs my sister and I like, and we have very different tastes in music. I got bored with the long intro and outro for Slayer’s “Black Magic,” so Little Mix takes the win for round one.

“Piece by Piece” (1986) by Slayer

“Piece by Piece” (2015) by Kelly Clarkson

Honestly, I don’t care for either song. Kelly Clarkson’s song was too depressing, while Slayer’s song was too short and it had no melody. The whole time it sounded like the guy was shouting a bunch of words and I was getting bored; in a way, it was a relief that Slayer’s “Piece by Piece” was only two minutes. Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece” had meaning, though, as it was about her dad; her parents got divorced when she was six-years-old. The piano version is much better than the original version because the piano slows the song down and it adds a more emotional effect to Clarkson’s performance. However, considering my current taste in music, I’d play Slayer’s track more than Clarkson’s track, so Slayer takes the win for round two.

“Gemini” (1996) by Slayer

“Gemini” (2018) by Keith Urban

First of all, what the heck was Keith Urban singing in his track? Those poppy beats were so overbearing that I could barely understand any of the lyrics. I thought he was a country artist too, what the heck! Slayer, on the other hand, congrats boys, this is the first song of yours (for this post, at least) that I actually like. I loved the raw sound of the drums and the drum fills throughout the track. I also enjoyed the lyrics as it was twisted and dark, which was an entirely different vibe from Urban’s “Gemini.” Unlike the previous Slayer tracks, “Gemini” slowed things down a bit, the drums and guitar riff weren’t complete chaos, and I approved of the singer’s vocals. Therefore, Slayer takes the win for round three as well. 

“In the Name of God” (1998) by Slayer

“In the Name of God” (2006) by Sabaton

Even though Sabaton’s “In the Name of God” is about religious terrorism, the vibe felt very patriotic, especially with the singer’s voice. Slayer’s “In the Name of God” kicks butt, and for the first half, it’s a slow headbanger, which I like. I don’t want to say anything too offensive, but let’s just say I find Slayer’s song very therapeutic. I used to have religious friends and because of the negative influence they had on me, I really dig songs that express one’s unapologetic views on religion. Overall, I love the lyrics for Slayer’s “In the Name of God,” so they take the win (again) for round four.

“Here Comes the Pain” (2001) by Slayer

“Here Comes the Pain” (2019) by Melissa Etheridge

I almost fell asleep to Melissa Etheridge’s “Here Comes the Pain;” I have to accept the fact that not everyone likes hard rock and metal. Of course, I’m going to pick Slayer’s song over Etheridge’s song, but I do have a few complaints. I hate different tempo changes in the song; it slows down about half-speed when it gets to “the line starts here” and continues at that speed for most of the second half of the track. Also, the guitar solo before the last verse was awful; none of the notes sounded right together. Luckily, for this post, I was able to find Slayer songs where the singer isn’t shouting lyrics and he proves he can deliver melody (sort of). With all that said, Slayer wins round five. 

“Snuff” (2009) by Slipknot

“Snuff” (2009) by Slayer

Slipknot had me shook with “Snuff” because it’s a ballad-like track. I had “Duality” on my rock playlist two years ago, and it sounded nothing like “Snuff.” It’s a beautiful track (never thought I’d say that for a Slipknot song), the singer sounded great, and I love the acoustic guitars and the lyrics. According to lead singer Corey Taylor, it’s a personal one; music is about self-expression and storytelling, so I respect that. My only complaint, well my main complaint with Slipknot is what up with nine members? For the same reason why I hate K-pop bands, nine members is too many people in a band! Slayer’s track was ok, but the guitar solo, once again, was awful; it sounded like a cat dying in hell! Therefore, Slipknot takes the win for the final round.

Slayer won four of the six rounds, which means they are the overall winner of the battle! While I didn’t like all of the tracks I discovered through this post, I’ll continue to check out more Slayer songs (when I’m in the mood to) because their sound takes me back to the early Metallica days. 

What was your favorite song from each round? Let me know in the comments below! 

Take care and see ya real soon!



17 thoughts on “Songs with the Same Title – Slayer Edition

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  1. It was nearly a clean sweep for Slayer, Sabbaton managed a no decision. Credit where due though, the Little Mix song was better than I thought it would be. What this post has done for me is to wonder how great it would have been to see Slayer and Sabbaton live on the same bill.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 80smetalman! Haha that’s cool you don’t hate the Little Mix song. Are Sabbaton that good? I wasn’t really impressed by that one song, then again, I can’t judge a band by one track.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What is more intriguing is that they sing a lot about military history which may seem odd because they are from Sweden. A country that hasn’t had a war in 250 years!

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