Songs with the Same Title – Kiss Edition

Happy new year, everyone! How about we do another band for the Songs with the Same Title series to kick off the new year? The next act I will cover in the series will be Kiss. Unlike Bon Jovi, it was harder to find Kiss songs with the same title as other artists’ songs, so I had to look past their hits. But I am no expert on Kiss, so I am not sure of this myself. There will be six rounds, and I’ll be picking my preferred pick from each one. In the end, I’ll be declaring who won the overall battle. Now, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

“Childhood’s End” (1972) by Pink Floyd

“Childhood’s End” (1997) by Kiss

I think “Childhood’s End” is Gene Simmons’ best song, in my opinion. Tommy Thayer (future lead guitarist for Kiss) and Bruce Kulick also got songwriting credits, which is pretty cool! There has been a bit of confusion about how this song came to be. Some think it got based on a real event in Simmons’ life. According to KISSMONSTER, the title is from Arthur C. Clarke’s science-fiction novel of the same name (like what Pink Floyd did). But the song is about two friends, one of them dies, and the other reminisces about his lost friend. It’s very dark and grunge-like, focusing on the loss of innocence. Therefore, Kiss wins the first round.

“Into the Void” (1971) by Black Sabbath

“Into the Void” (1998) by Kiss

Honestly, as an instrumental, Black Sabbath’s “Into the Void” kicks a**! I’m not crazy about Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals on this one, but that riff is insane! To make it easier for him to play, Tony Iommi down-tuned his guitar 1.5 steps, easing the tensions of his fingers. Years earlier, he severed the tips of two of his fingers due to a factory accident. The result was one of the darkest riffs written in heavy metal. The bass blended in well, too, also tuned down to match Iommi’s guitar tone. With the heavy guitar riff and dark message of escaping hell on earth, Black Sabbath wins the second round.

“Take It Off” (1992) by Kiss

“Take It Off” (2010) by Kesha

I’ve heard of Kesha’s “Take It Off,” and she was one of my favorite artists in 2010. I still like that song, despite the heavy autotune and DJ beats, but my love for rock ‘n’ roll took over. Similar message, but I love Paul Stanley’s vocals on “Take It Off,” perfect for a strip club! The drums are loud and heavy, and there’s a brilliant guitar solo by Bruce Kulick. Dedicated to the late great Eric Carr, the Revenge (1992) album marked a return to the band’s hard rock sound; after going glam metal in the 80s. For that reason, Kiss wins the third round for this epic banger!

“Forever” (1971) by The Beach Boys

“Forever” (1990) by Kiss

I grew up with The Beach Boys, thanks to my favorite show of all time, Full House! The show featured their songs, and the boys guest-starred a few times throughout the series. On the sitcom, Uncle Jesse did a cover of their song “Forever,” and for years, I thought that it was his song. But no, it’s a Beach Boys song, which they mentioned in the show too when Jesse went on MTV to promote the video for it, but I never noticed that till about three years ago. Because of the nostalgic feel and attachment to the Beach Boys, they take the win for the fourth round. Uncle Jesse performed “Forever” at his wedding to Becky, people!!!!

“Hotter Than Hell” (1974) by Kiss

“Hotter Than Hell” (2016) by Dua Lipa

Research proved me wrong that another artist had the bright idea of naming a song called “Hotter Than Hell.” Both are different songs; Kiss’s track is classic rock with heavy drums and big guitars, while Dua Lipa’s tune is a dance-pop hit that a DJ can play in a club. Strangely enough, I dig Dua Lipa’s “Hotter Than Hell” because it’s catchy, and she has a good voice. According to Wikipedia, the song is about a girl taunting her ex-boyfriend who can’t resist her love. I kind of like the revenge aspect to it, so Dua Lipa wins the fifth round. 

“War Machine” (1982) by Kiss

“War Machine” (2008) by AC/DC

Kiss gets bonus points for Carr’s pounding drums, but AC/DC’s “War Machine” is too badass for me to ignore! The intro gives me chills with Phil Rudd’s hi-hat, the kick drum, Cliff William’s bass riff, and that opening guitar riff. This last round was so hard for me because both songs are pretty epic! However, the rhythm section for Kiss’s “War Machine” is insane, Vinnie Vincent does a tasteful guitar solo, and Simmons gives a superb vocal performance (it’s so dark and scary, and I love it)! In conclusion, Kiss wins the final round of the battle.

So Kiss won three of the six rounds, which means it’s a tie for the ‘Songs with the Same Title’ battle. Since I never depicted a winner, let me know in the comments below which songs you’d prefer from each round (hopefully picking a winner yourself)! Remember, it’s the other artists versus Kiss.

Take care and see ya real soon!



48 thoughts on “Songs with the Same Title – Kiss Edition

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      1. I keed, I keed! I know you have no love for that song. I was listening to Mike talk about that $1000 live stream they put on and they turned me off once again. I guess I felt a little saucy this morning.

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      2. They bring that out in people. I did not do the Kiss stream as I will wait for the DVD. I am still not ready for concerts to be streamed. I can’t accept that yet as how things are going to be. Still in heavy denial.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Maybe cause it was so different from what they’ve done in a long while, that’s why fans were drawn to it. It’s a beautiful song too, but also the fanmade music videos for it. That’s my opinion though.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha. Yeah that’s KISS overcharging for the sake of overcharging and keeping the hardcore fans at a distance who would buy it yet can’t as its 1000 bucks.
        They have always been goofy with this stuff but I can tell you in a few weeks you will learn this was not always the case with them as I have a few book reviews coming up on them.

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      2. Ooh Kiss book reviews for different perspectives, now that’s something worth checking out! By the way Deke, I loved your Kiss tiktok video with your Kiss figures! How long did it take you to make that and do you really have a tiktok account?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. No Lana I do not have a Tik Tok account as that’s my daughters.
        She helped me put it together as she worked the phone lol. Maybe a half an hour in total.
        Good father/daughter project.

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  1. Iron Maiden also did a “Childhood’s End”. It probably wouldn’t win anything, being one of the more forgettable songs on their weakest album (Fear of the Dark).

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    1. Awww darn it!!! I didn’t know Iron Maiden did a song called “Childhood’s End” as well. Even though you say it’s forgettable, thanks for telling me about that! Listening to it now, you’re right, Kiss would’ve won anyway.

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  2. Nice post! Not a huge Kiss fan but they have some good moments.
    If you do another same title post on Kiss, consider ‘I Want You’ for a 6-way fight! Off the top of my head there’s Kiss, Hanoi Rocks, I spiral Carpets, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye and Elvis Costello all recorded a song with that title.

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