Dio’s ‘5 Classic Albums’ is a Good Start for New Fans! | Box Set Review

I’m no expert on the band Dio. I know that Ronnie James Dio was the lead singer and Vivian Campbell, from Def Leppard, was the lead guitarist at one point, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t even consider myself a Dio fan. So, why did I buy this set if I’m not a Dio fan? Well, recently, I’ve been obsessed with Sea of Tranquility, a music content Youtube channel. In one episode titled; “The Hudson Valley Squares: Bad Band Decisions in Rock History,” they talked about Ronnie James Dio leaving Black Sabbath after the Dehumanizer (1992) album was released, which I bought as well.

Someone on the panel also brought up Holy Diver (1983); and how good that album is, so I searched for it on Amazon and found this set for $18.75. I ordered it on February 13, 2021, and it arrived on February 18, 2021. 

I thought it was cheaper when I bought it, but $18.75 for five albums is a good deal; that’s $3.75 per album. I thought the CDs would be in jewel cases, but instead, they came in cardboard album cases with a nice box to keep them together. I’m not sure about the cardboard cases because who knows how much protection they provide for the CDs. Also, I grew up with jewel cases, so it’s sad seeing the transition from that to cardboard cases. Why do things keep on changing? AHHHH!!! But on the plus side, none of the CDs came cracked.

Last year, I had some issues with Amazon where a few of my CDs never showed up, and a few of them arrived cracked. Thankfully, Amazon took my phone calls with them into consideration, and they are handling my orders properly by wrapping my CDs in bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will provide some protection for them and lessen my worries that they’ll get destroyed on the way to my house. 

The upside-down printing of the title on the side view is odd, but I’ll get used to it.

The set is pretty straightforward. It comes with Dio’s first five albums: Holy Diver (1983), The Last in Line (1984), Sacred Heart (1985), Dream Evil (1987), and Lock Up the Wolves (1990). What’s cool about this set is that Campbell is on the first three studio albums, while Simon Wright, who played with AC/DC from 1983 to 1989, is on the fifth studio album. I’m excited to dive into these albums because I’ve heard positive things about Campbell’s playing in Dio and Ronnie James Dio’s voice, so bring it! There are no bonus tracks, and the set doesn’t feature a booklet, which was disappointing. However, this set is a good start for new fans like myself to check out Dio’s early catalog.

To conclude this review, I’d give the set 4 out of 5 stars because it is a great deal for five Dio albums. However, I wish it came with a small booklet featuring background information on the band and albums. But again, for music lovers who are just getting into Dio, this is a fantastic set to have. I’ll be reviewing these studio albums after I finish my AC/DC series. I may not be a Dio fan yet, but we’ll see if that changes once I start the new series. 

Take care and see ya real soon!



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  1. Those sets are awesome because you get a bunch for a little price and makes them worth it. I did that with a Gotthard set recently and I think a lot of people did it with the King’s X releases. It is cheap intro into a band. I hope you enjoy them.

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    1. If they would have included the Intermission EP then it would have been a complete 1983-1990 set. They messed up! Especially since that album’s never been on CD in the States. Mine’s from Germany.

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      1. Aside from obscure B-side stuff that LeBrain probably has. Haha.

        Intermission has the first Craig Goldy Dio song, “Time to Burn.”

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    2. Yeah I saw one for Van Halen early Roth era and it’s on my wishlist. Good deal for six albums. The price alone was enough to give me the Dio set a high rating. I saw Aaron and Kevin bought a King’s X set. Thanks, I can’t wait to dive into Dio!

      Was it too much to include a tiny booklet though?

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      1. Yeah, that’s totally true! It almost makes me want to buy the albums individually for the booklet lol! But if it’s for a band that I don’t care about much (yet), then I guess I wouldn’t mind.

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    1. I’ll look at these albums with an open mind, knowing that everyone is different and likes different things. Oh you have cassettes for a few albums, nice! I’m not familiar with cassettes, but I think it’d be cool to have one for the vintage vibe.

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      1. Back when the first four Dio albums were out, CDs were rather expensive. Sometimes you could buy two vinyls or cassettes for the price of one CD. The problem with cassettes was when they got eaten by the machine, I had some frustrating moments with those but ironically, it never happened to any of my Dio ones.

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      2. Maybe the price of cassettes were cheaper so that people could buy more when their cassettes wore out? You got lucky then with your Dio ones. I’ve noticed that CDs are cheaper than vinyl nowadays. How much did they cost back then?

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      3. Back then, you could get a record or cassette for less than $10 but a CD would cost nearly $20. I started collection cassettes because I was in the service at the time and my living space was very limited. Cassettes were much easier to store and I could listen to them in the car.

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      4. $20 for CDs? I wouldn’t even pay for that. Weird how the tables have turned because vinyls are expensive now. Ok makes sense, cassettes are easier to store. That’s why I like CDs because they are easier to store, and easier to play compared to vinyls.


  2. That’s a bargain you have there. Those little box set are a great way to delve into a band’s back catalogue. I’ve got a similar box set of Steve Vai solo albums. I saw Dio on The Last In Line tour, that was a great gig!

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    1. Yep, good price and totally worth it! Oh nice! I didn’t know there was a box set for Steve Vai’s solo stuff, interesting. Wait Vivian Campbell was still in the band for Last in Line right? Was he good on that tour?

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  3. Talk about a Dio primer, that’s awesome! \m/ \m/ I own all those albums seperately, and consider them essential listening. Excellent choice!

    I own a few of these sets, and since I don’t care much about the liner notes etc (it’s all on the internet anyway), for the price these sets really cannot be beat!

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    1. Thanks so much Aaron! I listened to Dehumanizer and man what a voice Ronnie James Dio has, so I’m excited to see what Dio has in store!

      Yeah, that’s true I could search up the liner notes online. The price is totally worth it. Me personally, part of the fun is reading the info about the album/song lyrics while listening to the final product.


      1. I can’t believe I got his and Ozzy’s voice mixed up two years ago because I lacked knowledge in Black Sabbath back then. They both sound totally different.

        I love collecting CDs now that you mention it. Since the weather has been affecting the internet and TV lately, my CDs have provided awesome entertainment. At the pace I’m going in terms of buying, I could have more than 20 new CDs by the end of the year lol!


      2. No worries, being new eans you’re learning, and when it comes to Sabbath, it’s all good!

        20 in a year? That’s a cool pace. I tended to buy a lot more than that, sometimes 10 in a go, but I often don’t keep them all. I feel like your 20 are deliberately chosen, and kept because they were more targeted. I’m more scatter-shot lol.

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      3. I was telling Kevin about how my first introduction to Ozzy Osbourne was through Hannah Montana because they were making fun of him. I thought he was a comedian thanks to that show haha.

        Oh if I had more money, I’d do a lot more blind buys like the Dio set, but because I’m in my last year of college, I can’t do that often haha.


      4. I wish you all the best! It’s possible you’ll have to do a few gigs that aren’t exactly what you want to be doing, but keep your hand in, make connections, get your name out there and stay active in it. You’ll get there!

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  4. Sacred Heart is easily my favourite Dio album. The live DVD from that tour kicks major butt. Also, I got one of these 5 album collections (an ELO one) for $5 (AUD). Not bad at all.

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