Can an AC/DC Reunion Save 2020?!?!

I’m not the person that keeps up with the current times, but this one is an exception. AC/DC IS BACK, BABY!!!! People are going crazy over the recently leaked photos of the band, possibly working on something for us fans to enjoy in the future. Journalists have acknowledged that lead vocalist Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd returned to the lineup. I know right; Phil Rudd and Stevie Young in the same room?!?! How crazy is that?!?!

According to an article by Ultimate Classic Rock, Rudd had to step out of AC/DC’s Rock or Bust tour after being arrested in November 2014 and sentenced to eight months of house arrest for drug possession and threatening to kill someone. But let’s not talk about that, he’s recovering people! Johnson had to leave after the fifth leg of the same tour in March 2016 or risk hearing loss. Some journalists, however, forgot to mention that bassist Cliff Williams is back as well! Following the departure of crucial members of the band, Williams retired from the music industry after the Rock or Bust tour in 2016. Those members include late rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young, Rudd, and Johnson.

A Brazilian AC/DC fansite noted that the leaked photos were posted on AC/DC’s official website last week before being removed shortly afterward. The photos resurfaced, and fans are going nuts! Or should I say, they’ve been thunderstruck?!?!? The site also claimed that the footage was shot in the Netherlands earlier this year, possibly before COVID-19 got crazy. Louder mentioned that the rumors of new AC/DC material started back in August 2018 after leaked photos came about of Rudd and Johnson spotted outside Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios, where the band previously recorded several albums. A longtime engineer of theirs, Mike Fraser, was also there and confirmed that AC/DC was working on something. 

Dee Snider, frontman of Twisted Sister, said that they recorded the album, but it got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The album is said to feature unheard material written by Malcolm Young. When can we expect the new album; who knows?!?! Possibly by the end of the year.

I’m not the one to believe in rumors, but seeing Rudd and Mal’s replacement, Stevie Young, together, that’s suspicious. Young previously toured with the group in 1988 during the US portion of the Blow Up Your Video tour. Rudd wasn’t present due to his firing in 1983. Young and Rudd were both there during the recordings for Rock or Bust (2014). But they’ve never been seen together, and there’s no footage of them onstage together…until now! 

I’m happy to see the guys all together again, knowing that they went through a lot of hardships since the last tour. I’ll admit, when I heard about the 2018 rumors, I was worried that Williams wouldn’t be present because of how upset he was following what happened. Since the photos prove he’s back, I don’t have to fret anymore. Cliff Williams deserves WAY more credit than he gets, am I right?!?! Also, I’m relieved knowing that I may have a shot to see AC/DC in concert one day! I don’t care how far I have to travel; I’m seeing these guys play if it’s the last thing I do.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this exciting news and the possibility of new AC/DC material!

Take care and see ya real soon!



6 thoughts on “Can an AC/DC Reunion Save 2020?!?!

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  1. I remember the Vancouver photos from 2018, so I believe something was recorded. If there is a tour to support this new material, I don’t know if Cliff will be with them. I think he only retired from touring so recording with the band was always still on the table. We will see! I think even an anoucemnt for something happening in 2021 might save part of 2020.

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    1. Oh gosh this one dude from my instagram post even said it might not even be new material and they’re just doing a one-time thing, so now I’m even more nervous! I hope Cliff comes back though, the band would not be the same without him. He may be quiet, but he’s a chill dude and that’s why people like him!

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      1. Guess we’ll have to wait and see! Like I said before, I don’t believe in rumors, but when there were rumors Def Leppard going on tour with Poison, and Mötley Crüe, I didn’t believe them at first, then a few months later they made the announcement. Then, well you know what happened!

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