Jonas Brothers’ ‘Happiness Begins’ Album Review

I grew up with the Jonas Brothers. I was singing their songs nonstop, I watched their TV show on Disney Channel, their posters were on my wall, and I fangirled so hard over Nick Jonas, haha! When I heard that they were getting back together in 2019, I was excited like every other fan of theirs from the early days. I heard “Sucker” and “Cool,” but I never listened to their whole album…until now! 

Their new album, Happiness Begins, was a massive departure from their Disney Channel sound of kid-friendly pop hits! Their new sound is more mature and laid-back. I can picture hearing these songs at a beach party, where everyone is relaxing, dancing to the groove, and having a good time. This album took on many different genres, from the reggae “Every Single Time” to the dance-pop “Rollercoaster.” This album was heavy on synthesizers too, which is an element I didn’t expect from the Jonas Brothers. 

I knew their current stuff was going to be different from how they were as Disney Channel stars, so it wasn’t a total shock. I’ve heard Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” and DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean,” which is still my jam to this day. Their new take on love is more meaningful as well because it’s not just about the butterflies in one’s stomach, but it showcases the ups and downs of love, the heartbreak, toxic relationships, moving on, and commitment.  

So, overall, Happiness Begins is not bad, and I like how the Jonas Brothers have evolved throughout the years. I mean, ten years ago, I would’ve never imagined hearing them sing about bars, drinking, and tattoos. 

What was your favorite song from the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins album? Let me know in the comments down below! 

Take care and see ya real soon! 



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