I Extended My Disney College Program! | DCP Spring 2022

For your enjoyment, please enjoy these photos that were taken at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

At the beginning of May, I got an email from Disney about applying to extend my Disney College Program. I submitted my application a week later and on Wednesday, May 18, I was accepted to extend my DCP into the Fall 2022 semester. I held back from talking about it, in case I was going to regret my decision later on. But, I also wanted a cute photo for the cover image for this certain post.

I thought extending my Disney College Program was going to be the easiest decision I ever made because that was my plan from the start. I wanted to stay during the holidays, especially because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’d be able to see Disney World all decked out for the occasion. However, when I got here, nothing went according to my plan. My job as an attractions cast member was a bust, my roommates and I weren’t close, I was missing my CDs so badly, and I had a friend break-up with someone from my old work location. Honestly, if I was still doing attractions at Toy Story Land, I wouldn’t have extended my program.

But, when my job got switched to concierge at the Polynesian Village Resort, I felt more relaxed and less stressed. Being in an air conditioned building, away from the hot sun, helped a lot too. I graduated with a major in communications, so this job was almost perfect for me. I say almost because there are some things I struggle with on the job, but the other cast members are there to help me out, thankfully. When I told my mom about the extension applications being open, she told me to give my new job about two weeks to see if I like it enough to extend my program. I didn’t exactly give it two weeks, but I knew that I liked the job because I felt that the hospitality skills would really benefit me in the long run. 

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, being a concierge has taught me lessons I can apply to both my professional and personal life. It’s teaching me how to be patient, slow down, do problem-solving tasks, believe in myself, be more independent, and most importantly, be nice to people (haha)! Like all jobs, there are days where I want to give up and the guests just really irritate me. I’m allowed to say that last part, right? There are also days where I compare myself to my co-workers and think, “why can’t I be more like her?” and “why can’t I explain things like him?” But then, there are moments where I feel accomplished when I’ve merged two accounts correctly or I handled two check-in procedures for a group traveling together. 

There are also moments where I least expect them. As I’m typing this, yesterday (6/26/22) a lovely couple was pin trading and I saw a pin of Rufus from Kim Possible (2002-2007). It was a really cool pin because he looked so bada**! The guy saw how excited I was about the pin, so he got it for me!!! That guest created a magical moment for me and it really made my day.

Even though I risk losing my voice every time I go to work, it’s a job I really want to experience more. I started my training in mid to late April. So, I want more time as a concierge, that way, I can put on my resume that I was a concierge for more than two months.

Another reason why I decided to stay was because of how expensive it is to travel to Florida. Before the DCP, the last time I went to Disney World was when I was five and that was through the Make-A-Wish foundation. It’s quite expensive to travel from Hawaii to Florida, so who knows when I’ll be back! I want to enjoy Florida and Disney World for as long as I can because I probably won’t be back for a long time. The Halloween and Christmas celebrations, celebrating my birthday at Disney World, and going to Universal Studios Florida, I want to experience all of that to the fullest!

The best part is that since I’m going to be in Florida till January, it gave me an excuse to buy more CDs. That’s another thing about my job as a concierge, it made me love rock music even more, especially when I encounter guests that really get on my nerves! Gosh, I hope that lovely couple from yesterday isn’t reading this.

Even my roommates too. Whenever they drive me nuts with their chit chatting, annoying laughing, and keeping me up at night, I just play my rock music and I’m at ease. Remember when I said I wasn’t crazy about Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals? Well, they’ve grown on me and thanks to Sea of Tranquility, I bought Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 (1972) and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973) on CD. If it weren’t for my annoying roommates, I wouldn’t have given Osbourne’s vocals another chance!

Ok fine, I see my relationship with my roommates as a love-hate relationship. I try to stay out of their way and they stay out of my way. I close the door and run for cover whenever I feel a chit chat coming on, and just let them be. However, there are nights where I want some peace and they are chatting away, which really irritates me. Then again, I can’t say too many mean things about my roommates since two of them went grocery shopping and bought me some stuff earlier this week. The bottom line is I’m not best friends with my roommates and I’m done trying to be close with them; I was done a long time ago!

Do I ever get homesick? Yes, I do. I don’t miss Hawaii, of course. But I miss my family, especially my mom, who’s like my best friend. I was bad during the first two months of my program because I didn’t call home at all; I texted my family, but I just didn’t call them. I didn’t feel the need to call them at the time, but now that I’m making more of an effort to call my mom every one to two weeks, I don’t get as homesick as before. Calling home actually motivates me more to complete my program because I know my life in Florida is temporary and I’ll be home soon!

Thankfully, I’m not alone here. I have my friend from the Disney Ohana Club here in Florida doing her social media job for Fan Expo. I don’t want to rely on her all the time when I need someone to hang out with because I want to make some friends when I’m down here. But, I’m thankful we are able to spend time together either at the Disney parks or at Universal Studios Florida!

So, those are the reasons why I decided to extend my Disney College Program! I didn’t cover everything about what I think about my program (a certain bus driver, my costume, and how people get excited when they hear I’m from Hawaii). But if I talked about everything, then bad things could happen (let’s put it that way). 

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