Did ‘Fuller House’ Meet ‘Full House’ Expectations?!?!

Full House is my favorite show of all time, so I was excited when Netflix announced a reboot for it. Though not having Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was a bummer, the cast delivered with their charm and humor that we’ve come to know and love from the original series. Fuller House centered around a widowed D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), her younger sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and her best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber) as they navigate through life in the old Tanner family house.

While Full House featured three men raising three girls, Fuller House featured three women raising three boys (and Kimmy’s daughter). The show also featured appearances from your favorites, including Uncle Jesse, Joey, Danny, Steve, Gia, and Aunt Becky (before well, you know what happened).   

Overall, I enjoyed the series and the new characters like Fernando, Max, Jackson, Ramona, and Rocki. I love that they had special guest appearances, for die-hard Full House fans to obsess over, from Duane, Kathy Santoni, Harry Takayama, Viper, Nelson, Grandpa Nick, and Vicky (who should’ve been Danny’s wife, but unfortunately that never happened). There were nostalgic moments such as Stephanie introducing Max to Mr. Bear, Steve giving D.J. a pillow person for her 39th birthday, Jimmy dancing to “Love Shack,” and Stephanie driving through the kitchen with Joey’s car, etc. For the memories, it was worth it! 

The new stuff was cool too. It was interesting to see Kimmy as a mom and how she showed her personality through her parenting styles. I thought it was a brilliant idea to have Jimmy (Kimmy’s younger brother) and Stephanie get together because it was unexpected and hilarious. Stephanie couldn’t stand the Gibblers, after all! Jimmy’s kind and somewhat dumb personality made for great comedy, but most importantly, he treated Stephanie right and made her happy.

My second favorite character on the show was Rocki, and she’s not even in the main cast. I loved her rebellious attitude, and I saw a little bit of myself in her. I thought she was perfect for Jackson because his first girlfriend, Lola, was too prim and proper, while Rocki was the opposite and didn’t like being told what to do. She gave Jackson an edge if that makes sense.

As for the old characters, Steve stayed the same, so did Kimmy and Stephanie. D.J., on the other hand, changed a lot. She became more uptight and somewhat of a control-freak, like Danny. Now that I mention it, Danny seemed more laid-back than his persona on Full House. D.J. was a daredevil and liked to take risks, such as skipping school to get Stacey Q’s autograph, going to Steve’s apartment, winning tickets to a Beach Boys concert, and driving off to see Viper perform with Uncle Jesse’s band after her dad told her not to. She very well represented the whole “dad, you can’t tell me what to do!” persona.

I could be overreacting because people grow up and learn from their childish ways, but I did not expect D.J. to turn into Danny. By the way, Gia and D.J. had no interaction together on the original series, so how was it possible that D.J. couldn’t stand Gia on Fuller House?!?!?

As for the comedy, it was hilarious! They made the show more modern with references to Snapchat, Instagram, and Billie Eilish. The humor was a bit more, um not for children on some occasions, with references to sex and drugs, and that scene where Matt and Steve kissed. It got a bit much at times, like how there was applause every time Jesse, Joey or Danny appeared. Or when the cast broke the fourth wall by calling out the Olsen twins for not appearing on the reboot. Also, how they made the romantic scenes seem so cheesy with the camera angles, fancy music, and slow-motion meet-and-greets, or maybe that’s just me. 

The issues covered on the show seemed so bland. Full House covered topics such as drinking, child abuse, smoking, death, peer pressure, and reckless driving, etc. While Fuller House depicted the scenario of having divorced parents, shown with Ramona and her parents, Fernando and Kimmy, that’s all that comes to mind. The biggest problem I can think of that happened is when D.J. had to choose between Matt and Steve. Spoiler alert: she ends up with Steve, HALLELUJAH!!! 

I felt the ending was a bit rushed with everyone leaving so suddenly because it’s the series finale and supposed to be dramatic. Kimmy, Fernando, and Ramona were going to move to Palo Alto because Fernando became the manager of the new Uncle Monty’s location. While Stephanie, Jimmy, and Dani were going to move, so that Jimmy could take over the original Uncle Monty’s. It didn’t make sense because it’s a sandwich shop, and they hardly showed that place anyways, and then at the last minute, Stephanie and Kimmy decide to stay. So all that crying was for nothing!  

Don’t get me wrong, Fuller House is a great show, and Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, took part in the reboot, so some of that charm got restored for it. Things have changed since the 90s too, so they had to update their style and keep up with current times. But my favorite characters of Fuller House were Steve and Rocki, which says a lot! I still watch the show on Netflix because it’s entertaining, and I love seeing the progression of Steve and D.J.’s relationship as adults. As a die-hard fan of Steve and D.J., I almost cried tears of joy when they got married, anyone else? Or maybe that’s just me, ok!

Of course, Fuller House didn’t meet the expectations of Full House, but it’s still a fun show to watch, and the cast did a great job with their acting, so I say give this show a chance. Whether you watched the original series or not, you’ll likely enjoy it!

Let me know your thoughts on Fuller House, did you like it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care and see ya real soon!


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