Songs with the Same Title – Backstreet Boys Edition

I’ve had this idea to write about songs with the same title because that seems to be a common thing in the music industry, it’s like no matter how old the song is, another artist is bound to have the same title eventually. There are many artists out there, but I’m starting with the Backstreet Boys first because there’s a certain song on this list that comes to my mind, which you’ll find out later on. So I’ll be comparing eight Backstreet Boys songs with songs by different artists with the same title, then I’ll be picking my favorites out of the choices. If you guys want me to make this into a series on my blog, I’d love to do that because music is my favorite thing in the whole world, and it’s a cool topic to cover. Without further or do; let the battle begin!

“Bigger” (2009) by Justin Bieber

“Bigger” (2009) by the Backstreet Boys

Both songs were released in the same year and same month, but technically, Justin Bieber’s “Bigger” came out first. Bieber’s song was released on his debut EP titled My World on November 17, and Backstreet Boys’ “Bigger” was released as the second single from their seventh studio album, This Is Is Us (2009), on November 29. I wasn’t a big fan of “Bigger” by Bieber when it first came out, and that’s true to this day. I’ve heard the chorus of the Backstreet Boys’ song before, probably from a Backstreet Boys YouTube marathon, haha. Therefore, the Backstreet Boys’ song was catchy and had a great chorus, meaning BSB wins this round.

“Incomplete” (2000) by Sisqó

“Incomplete” (2005) by the Backstreet Boys

I don’t have to explain this one because obviously, “Incomplete” is one of BSB’s best songs since the 90s. I learned the chorus by playing the song over and over again because it’s that good! It also gets a bonus for featuring Kevin Richardson on the piano. BSB wins this round.

“Shape of My Heart” (1993) by Sting

“Shape of My Heart” (2000) by the Backstreet Boys

BSB wins this round as well because “Shape of My Heart” is my favorite song from their Black & Blue (2000) album. Great melody, beautiful lyrics, and Nick Carter sings the bridge, which I am perfectly fine with.

“Never Gone” (2005) by the Backstreet Boys

“Never Gone” (2012) by Colton Dixon

I don’t know how many people know Colton Dixon, but I used to be obsessed with “Never Gone” because of how powerful the lyrics are. Then I found out Backstreet Boys have a song and album with the same name. I heard that Richardson wrote the song about his late father, which made it even more meaningful and amazing. Both songs have different purposes, Dixon’s song is about God always being with you even in your darkest times, and BSB’s song is about losing a loved one. I’m sorry, Dixon’s song wins this round because I grew up with that song, and at the time, it was the most beautifully written song I’ve ever heard. 

“We’ve Got It Goin’ On” (1995) by the Backstreet Boys

“We’ve Got It Going On” (2007) by Bon Jovi

I’m not surprised that “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” is a common song title, but I did not expect Bon Jovi to be the one to use it. I adore Richie Sambora on the talkbox because he is the talkbox king, but I’m not a big fan of Bon Jovi’s country songs unless you count “Wanted Dead Or Alive” as being country. I only heard the Backstreet Boys’ song a month ago, and I still dig it. I didn’t want to give it a chance at first, but that beat is so groovy that I couldn’t resist. It’s also their first single, and classic BSB. In conclusion, Backstreet Boys win this round.

“That’s the Way (I Like It)” (1975) by KC and the Sunshine Band

“That’s the Way I Like It” (1997) by the Backstreet Boys

How do I make this sound less confusing? I thought the Backstreet Boys’ song was a cover of KC and the Sunshine Band’s song, which I was ok with because I love that song. The Backstreet Boys song was catchy, but KC and the Sunshine Band’s song holds a special place in my heart. It takes me back to the early American Idol days because Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson covered this song in their movie From Justin To Kelly (2003). It’s a crowd favorite at parties, so KC and the Sunshine Band win this round. 

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (1976) by Elton John and Kiki Dee

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (2018) by the Backstreet Boys

Although “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was a comeback for the Backstreet Boys, being their highest-charted single since “Incomplete” (2005), the real winner for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” goes to Elton John and Kiki Dee. This song takes me back to Full House, sung as a duet by Michelle’s friends, Derek and Lisa. I got a lot of my love of old music from that show, the Beach Boys especially, but that’s another story. The song was also performed on Ella Enchanted (2004) by the cast; it’s a good movie by the way. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a classic Elton John song and has been covered numerous times in pop culture, so, if you haven’t heard this song, you’ve been living under a rock! 

“As Long As You Love Me” (1997) by the Backstreet Boys

“As Long As You Love Me” (2012) by Justin Bieber featuring Big Sean

“As Long As You Love Me” was the song that came to my mind when writing this post because it’s so obvious! I had no idea who the Backstreet Boys were back in 2012, so I didn’t think much when Bieber released a song with the same title. The Believe (2012) album made me realize that Bieber was becoming a man, and things were never going to be the same afterward! My middle school persona loved the song back then, but it doesn’t hold up to the greatness of BSB’s “As Long As You Love Me.” Sorry, Bieber, we’ve had good times together, but the Backstreet Boys reignited my love for boybands, and I’m not a fan of your new music anyways, so it’s time we part ways and make way for the winner of the last round, BSB baby! 

That was a tough showdown, but the Backstreet Boys came out strong in the end. Of course, these are my opinions and may differ from others. So let me know in the comments below which songs you’d prefer from each round! 

Take care and see ya real soon!



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