Final Thoughts on My Junior Year of College

I knew my junior year was going to be the hardest one in my college career, and this was before COVID-19 started. In Fall 2019, I changed my major to communication, I joined the PRSSA, and the Disney Ohana Club gained some new officers, meaning I had to adjust to working with new people. Spring 2020 was off to a good start with the Disney Bounding Mixer for the Disney Ohana Club, and then the pandemic happened, so I got to experience what it’s like to take online classes. Although I’m glad I didn’t have to take the bus anymore, there isn’t as much interaction going around than with in-person instruction. 

Fall 2019 was my switch from psychology to communication. I did take one psychology class that semester, but I took two communication classes as well. That semester was full of adjustments, new people, a new major, a new club, and new experiences, etc.

My COM 201 professor helped me out a lot. I would talk to her during office hours about my assignments and non-class stuff, and her sarcastic humor made the class more fun and exciting! Did I mention we got extra credit to make memes?!?! COM 201 was the bomb! She got me to sign up for the PRSSA, and I’m glad I signed up because everyone welcomed me with open arms, and I’m one step closer towards a career in the communication field. Best of all, everyone has their unique strengths, so it’s nice to learn from other people on how to better oneself, whether that’d be organizing, time-management, social media, photography, and resume building. We all have something to improve on, but we’re all in this together.

The same goes for working with new officers in the Disney Ohana Club, we all have different strengths, but we have the same goals, which are to provide the best experiences for our members and spread the Disney magic. Our Star Wars themed banquet was pretty epic, I shall say!   

Spring 2020 was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I made the switch in Fall 2019, but now I was officially a communication major. Unlike the previous semester, I never got to attend Career Day for PRSSA, and we never got to plan an End-of-Semester Banquet for the Disney Ohana Club. I liked my COM 421 class too, and my professor was the best! She was friendly and helpful for advice and writing tips. Our in-person class time got cut short, unfortunately. My senior friends never got a proper graduation ceremony, nor did I get to see them as often before they had to leave.

On a more positive note, they were able to graduate and celebrate with their friends and family, so they made the best of the situation. I also survived the hardest class I’ve ever had to take, BIOL 101. I’m no science person and having to do science labs at home only made the class extra harder. I passed all of my classes thankfully, despite my procrastination level increasing to the max because of the quarantine.  

If we return to in-person classes for Fall 2020, I’m looking forward to being with the Disney Ohana Club and PRSSA again. It’ll be a new experience, once again, as we have to recruit new officers for the Disney Ohana Club, and new members will be joining the PRSSA, hopefully. New people mean new friends though, right?!?! With all that’s happened recently, I want something to look forward to during my senior year of college. It’s going to be very difficult, but I’m going to try to be more positive from now on; for everything regarding the news and our current state. I’m going to try to be friendlier to people on the bus too, so wish me luck!

Despite the craziness I’ve experienced during my junior year, I have high hopes for my senior year of college. As long as I have good music to get me through it, I’ll be fine. So I’ll be blasting more Def Leppard for sure! 

Take care and see ya real soon!



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