Five Def Leppard Concerts You Need to Watch ASAP!

Since I have a lot of time on my hands recently, I’ve been watching a lot of concerts on YouTube, especially Def Leppard concerts! I searched high and low for the best Def Leppard concerts that existed, and I found some great ones that you have to check out yourselves. So for today’s post, we’re taking a look at five Def Leppard concerts you need to watch for sure! 

5. Live at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, in Mountain View, CA (1988)

I was desperate to find at least one good video of the band’s Hysteria tour and came across this one last Fall. What’s great about this concert is that Steve Clark’s guitar solo is an extended version compared to the one filmed for the Live: In the Round, in Your Face video, and there’s a glitch during “Die Hard the Hunter,” making it look like Clark caused a power outage for a brief second. His nickname was “White Lightning,” after all! The band also performed my favorite version of “Love Bites” because of the key they sing it in, and Clark was still there. 

4. Live in Binghamton, NY (1992)

I came across this concert only a month ago and have been obsessed ever since. I thank the person that filmed this because I think this was the best show on the Adrenalize tour. The setlist featured some of my favorite tracks from the album, such as “White Lightning,” “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad,” and “Tear It Down.” They also performed my favorites from Hysteria like “Women” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Joe Elliott even gave a small tribute to Clark when he talked about the process of making Adrenalize.

My favorite part of the show, however, was when Rick Allen’s rotating drum kit lifted in the air during the middle of “Rocket.” My jaw dropped during that part for sure!

3. Viva! Hysteria (2013)

Def Leppard is one of the few bands that sounds better live than on the records, don’t believe me? Then, you need to watch Viva! Hysteria. They still got it after all these years, and not only did they play the entire Hysteria album, they also played songs they haven’t played for years, such as “Wasted,” “Slang,” “High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night),” and “Rock Brigade.” Their opening act was a band called Ded Flatbird, which was Def Leppard in disguise. My favorite part of the show was watching Rick Allen smile throughout the whole thing. Can’t blame a guy for loving what he does!

2. Live at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield, England (1993)

Their 1993 show at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield, England was the first Def Leppard concert I ever watched; it was a great way to begin my Def Leppard obsession. One of the reasons why I love the Adrenalize tour is that the first song was usually “Let’s Get Rocked,” which is the perfect way to start a Def Leppard show! Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen looked great together, and it was nice to see Collen smiling again because he was in a rough place after Clark’s death in January 1991. I always replay the second half of the show because Def Leppard played killer versions of “Two Steps Behind,” “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad,” “Armageddon It,” “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” and “Rock of Ages.”

1. Live: In the Round, in Your Face (1988)

I’d be an idiot not to include Live: In the Round, in Your Face, because this was Def Leppard’s best concert in their history as a band! I couldn’t find “Gods of War” at first because there were some issues on YouTube, but thankfully the full concert has been restored, and I have saved it to a playlist on YouTube. Though, I’d buy the DVD if something were to happen to the footage because that concert was everything a Def Leppard concert should be: fun, wild, and exhilarating. Update: I bought the DVD in August 2020, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made! This particular show featured great footage of Clark and the only video I can find of them performing “Armageddon It” live when Clark was still alive.

If I’m the mood to do so, I’m going to spend the whole day watching these concerts because why not?!?!?! If you get a chance to watch some of these, let me know which one was your favorite down in the comments below!

Take care and see ya real soon!


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