Is YouTube a Distraction or a Lifestyle?

In this new era of technology, online streaming and platforms are taking over big time, to the point where no one even watches TV anymore! It’s all about Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and for me, it would be YouTube! I would go on it every day, and sometimes I’d never leave! The big question here is, is YouTube a distraction or a lifestyle?

I became obsessed with YouTube back in 2009, when Justin Bieber had the hair flip, and every teenage girl was practically in love with him! I’d go on it every day to watch his videos (covers, live performances, music videos, and interviews, etc.). YouTube was getting bigger and bigger by the minute; it became a platform for new talent to be discovered, as well as a way for people to entertain others by the click of a button! The thing with YouTube, though, is once you aren’t into a channel anymore, you become interested in another channel! When I got over Justin Bieber, I moved onto another obsession, One Direction!

I know some people can control how many videos they watch per day, but I’m still having trouble doing so! Once I get into a video, I can’t stop clicking on more! Even when I get bored with watching videos, I try looking for more videos to watch! I remember this one time I stayed up till 4 am watching Def Leppard music videos, ALL OF THEIR MUSIC VIDEOS!!!! I can control my limit sometimes, but mostly I can’t! However, I don’t think YouTube is a distraction; I think of it more as a relaxation! It’s nice being able to kick back after a long day of school, work, or a good two hours of doing homework, and watch videos from your favorite YouTube channel!

Side note: if you want me to make a post about my favorite YouTube channels, let me know in the comments down below!

Some people do YouTube for a living and dedicate their lives to being full-time YouTubers, and that is fine! Besides Google, YouTube is a great way to get answers and learn new things! There are videos on how to do math equations, play guitar, how to use Google Sheets, makeup tutorials, and hair tutorials, etc.! By the way, during my first semester of college, I watched a lot of math videos on YouTube, and those were lifesavers for Calculus!

Is YouTube a distraction or a lifestyle? Is it both? That depends on you! Whether you love it or hate it, YouTube will forever be a part of our lives! Until then, I need to work on my addiction, so that I don’t stay up till 4 am again, haha!

How often do you go on YouTube? Once, twice, maybe five times a day? Let me know in the comments down below to start a conversation!

Take care and see ya real soon!


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