My Favorite Song From Every Def Leppard Album!

Def Leppard made such great music throughout their career. They are one of the biggest names in rock history! They are known for their hits such as “Photograph” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Overtime, Def Leppard has experimented with many different genres, such as heavy metal, funk, alternative rock, pop, blues, grunge, and even country. Some worked, and some didn’t. However, they never failed to grab our attention with their big choruses and infectious harmonies. All of their albums stand out in some way, so for today’s post, I will be selecting my favorite song from every Def Leppard album ever released. I will only focus on studio albums; no compilation or live albums will be included, except for Mirror Ball – Live & More, for which I will explain why when we get there.

“Rock Brigade” from On Through the Night (1980)

Starting with their first studio album from 1980, On Through the Night, my favorite song would have to be “Rock Brigade.” The two reasons being Rick Allen’s drumming and Pete Willis’ guitar solo before the last chorus! Also, there were some sick harmonies in that song; you have to admit! 

“High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night)” from High ‘n’ Dry (1981)

If you’ve read my post titled, My Top 5 Def Leppard Songs I Can’t Live Without, you’ll know how much I adore this song! When that bluesy riff kicks in, I’m already in a good mood! The chorus and the feel of it remind me of AC/DC; that’s not a bad thing because I love AC/DC! Also, I must say, Pete Willis brought some flavor to Def Leppard in the early years because that guitar solo was killer! I’m still waiting for the day when Def Leppard performs this live again; that day will come eventually!

“Rock of Ages” from Pyromania (1983)

“Rock of Ages,” hands down, is my favorite song from Pyromania! Whoever came up with the song title is a genius because it makes for a great chorus. Rick Allen’s pounding drums, fist in the air, singing (or screaming) at the top of your lungs, this is a rock anthem everyone should treasure for the rest of their lives! My love for this song started after listening to it a billion times, trying to compare the different tempos the band performed it in concert. Eventually, “Rock of Ages” became one of my favorite Def Leppard songs in their entire catalog, and the line “gunter, glieben, glauchen, globen” just stuck with me! When the Stadium Tour comes this summer, you know I’ll be cheering on Phil Collen during his guitar solo!

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” from Hysteria (1987)

Hysteria is a great album, don’t get me wrong, but let’s be real, without “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” the album wouldn’t have been as successful! I sing this all the time; I’m not even kidding! I would sing this at the most random times; it’s insane! Try watching a video of Def Leppard performing this song live; the crowd goes nuts! “Pour Some Sugar on Me” is the reason why I believe the 80s were a good time to be alive! That riff and those drums, remember that this was after Rick Allen had his accident, I have to keep reminding myself every time I listen to it!

“Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad” from Adrenalize (1992)

My dad showed me “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad,” and I fell in love with it! After mostly listening to the band’s fast and heavy songs, the track was a breath of fresh air. It was such a beautiful song, and this helped me get over my crush, which I’ve suffered for years because of it! The lyrics spoke to me, and I could relate to them in many ways, hence why I fell in love with it even more!

“All I Want Is Everything” from Slang (1996)

Like “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad,” I was able to connect with the lyrics for “All I Want Is Everything.” Right away, I was hooked with that opening line because I couldn’t walk away from my toxic relationships, but it wasn’t right for me to stay either! Def Leppard recorded Slang when the band was going through births, deaths, marriages, and divorce! It was a terrifying period, so it made sense for this album to be so heavy and deep with their emotions! Many people don’t fancy this album, but I love it just the way it is!

“Promises” from Euphoria (1999)

Returning to their classic Def Leppard sound, Euphoria, released in 1999, was a success with their fans! My favorite song would have to be “Promises” because the harmonies get me every time! This song had everything a Def Leppard song needs: good harmonies, big guitars, loud drums, and a catchy chorus! Pay attention to Joe Elliott’s high note towards the end! Trust me; it’s worth it! 

“Long, Long Way to Go” from X (2002)

I don’t know why people didn’t like the X album; I love this album because they had some great ballads from it! “Long, Long Way to Go” is the best song on the album, in my opinion, because even though the band didn’t write the song, Joe Elliott captures the emotion of moving on from a former lover beautifully! I love the acoustic guitar on the studio version, but when Def Leppard played it live with the electric guitar, that took the song over to another level! One of my favorite choruses of theirs for sure!

“Stay with Me” from Yeah! (2006)

I heard that Joe Elliott wanted to make a covers album long before it even went into production. This album was a tribute to artists from the late 60s – 70s that heavily influenced the band growing up, going back to their hard rock roots. I am a big fan of the 70s/80s, so it was great hearing Def Leppard put their spin on these songs. “Stay with Me,” originally released in 1971 by the British rock band Faces, is unique in its own way. Not only does it have the big, aggressive guitars I love so much, but Phil Collen sings lead vocals for the song. I repeat, Phil Collen sings lead vocals for this song!

“Love” from Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008)

After recording Yeah!, Def Leppard was on a roll and kept that fun-loving vibe with them when they recorded their next studio album, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge. I tried getting into “Nine Lives,” but I don’t play it much nowadays. I think “Love” is the best track on the album because it’s a beautiful ballad with great backing vocals. But leave Taylor Swift out next time, please!

“Undefeated” from Mirror Ball – Live & More (2011)

Ok, I know Mirror Ball – Live & More is a live album, but it also contained a few new songs! One of them was the song “Undefeated,” which is one of Def Leppard’s best songs in the later years! They’ve been through so much as a band: the firing of Pete Willis, Rick Allen’s accident, Steve Clark’s death, and even Vivian Campbell’s battle with cancer! No matter what obstacle they encountered, they took it head-on and came out strong in the end! It’s just a feel-good rock song!

“We Belong” from Def Leppard (2015)

Def Leppard’s most recent album, the self-titled Def Leppard, was released in 2015; can you believe it? They should start releasing new music soon! All the songs on that album were great, but “We Belong” takes the win to conclude this list. It had a beautiful message, wanting to belong and be a part of something special (at least that’s how I see it), Rick Allen’s pounding bass drum kicks you right in the face, and everyone sings this song. Joe thought it’d be cool to have all the guys sing lead vocals because the fans get to hear their backing vocals, but not their voices individually, so he wanted to change that! Even Rick Allen got to sing a line, which was nice. It was new on a Def Leppard record, which is why this song is my favorite from that album. 

I had so much fun making this list, revisiting Def Leppard’s catalog, and discovering new songs I didn’t even know existed! But the band had more hits than the ones I mentioned in this post. So, let me know what your favorite Def Leppard song is down in the comments below!

Take care and see ya real soon!


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