You Got It Dude!!!

Full House is a beloved 90s classic and is one of my favorite shows ever!!! This show had so many laughs, heartbreak, shocking, and joyful moments that it’s hard to count how many there were! The show was so popular that Netflix released a sequel to the show called Fuller House back in 2016, the second half of the final season will be premiering later in 2020! What is it about Full House that makes it stand the test of time, and people still obsess over it today? 

It centers around a recent widowed father named Danny Tanner, who invites his best friend, comedian Joey Gladstone, and brother-in-law, rock ‘n’ roll and motorcycle loving Jesse Katsopolis, to help him raise his three daughters. Danny’s daughters are DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner. In later seasons, they’ve added other main characters like Kimmy, DJ’s best friend, Rebecca, Danny’s talk show co-host and Jesse’s later-to-be wife, and Steve, DJ’s boyfriend. I already found it fascinating knowing that at the beginning of the series, it was three guys raising three girls. I mean, c’mon, it can’t get better than that!

What was great about this show is how real it was and how it tackled so many issues people face nowadays, even in our technological world. It covered topics such as drinking, reckless driving, pregnancy, death, eating disorders, child abuse, and smoking. One of my favorite episodes of the show is “Stephanie’s Wild Ride,” from Season 8, where Stephanie and her friend Gia decide to go joyriding with two older guys they just met, who don’t follow the rules while driving. Stephanie planned to go again, but DJ forced her not to go. 

What I love about this show, though, is the humor! There were so many hilarious moments like Joey pretending to be a fountain, Jesse being pregnant (long story), Jesse being spank by a chimp (again, long story), Danny singing Elvis, and the food fight between Joey and Jesse. My personal favorite is when Michelle says, “You got it dude!” Steve was hilarious too, I mean, he was a high school wrestler that loved to eat! It just got better!!! 

The best part of this show is that everyone is one big happy family and they go through problems and get through them together! There is so much love in the Tanner house! The Tanners love to hug after all! Whatever obstacle someone goes through, there is always another person there to help them out. 

If you have not seen this show, I highly recommend that you do so! Either on YouTube, Dailymotion, Nick at Nite, or on DVD. Full House will always be “everywhere you look!”  

What is your favorite moment from Full House? Let me know in the comments down below to start a conversation!

Take care and see ya real soon!


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