My Favorite Christmas Movie of ALL TIME!!!!

Christmas is my favorite holiday EVER!!!! So, to get into the spirit, I thought I talk about my favorite Christmas movie of all time and why it holds a special place in my heart!

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is…..The Santa Clause 2 (2002).

There are three movies in The Santa Clause franchise, but the second one is my favorite because it captures the heart and soul of Christmas, in comparison to the first and third movies. As a recap in case, you have never seen any of The Santa Clause movies, The Santa Clause is about a man named Scott Calvin, a divorced father, who unknowingly takes up the responsibilities as Santa Claus by putting on his coat after the original Santa Claus falls off the roof of his house after being startled by Scott. The second film takes place eight years after the first film and the plotline focuses on Scott trying to find a wife because if he doesn’t he would have to stop being Santa Claus, for good! To add to his troubles, Scott also has to make things right with his now teenaged son, Charlie, who has landed on the naughty list.

I’ve always told my family that the second movie is my favorite for two reasons. 1) In the first film, people were against Scott being Santa Claus and didn’t believe in him. 2) Bernard, Santa’s head elf in the first two films, was not in the third film and Charlie wasn’t seen as much. Besides Scott, Bernard and Charlie made The Santa Clause movies worth watching. So, it was disappointing how neither one of them plays a big role in the third film. I still love all The Santa Clause movies overall though. Tim Allen is also one of my favorite actors because he is hilarious. Have you seen Home Improvement? That man is a legend!!

I also enjoyed seeing the second film focus on Scott’s relationship with Charlie in a different light because Charlie was about six years old in the first film and in this one, he is about 14 years old. So, it was nice to see how Charlie was dealing with the fact that his dad is Santa after all that time. I mean can you imagine having your dad working far away from home and not seeing him often, while also holding in a secret that you can never tell anyone? Charlie was not a kid anymore, and to see him act out at school and break down about his dad not being there for him as much as he would’ve liked him to was a breath of fresh air to see. 

I also liked Carol’s storyline too. Oh, Carol is Scott’s love interest by the way. At the beginning of the film, she is seen as just a mean principal. But then on her sleigh ride with Scott, towards the middle of the film, she reveals that she lost her faith in Christmas after her parents told her that Santa Claus was not real. From that moment, I saw how broken she was from that experience during her childhood, which explains why she seemed un-festive and cold-hearted at first. But it happens to everyone, as we get older, our childhood memories start fading away and we are forced to grow up. People have forgotten what it’s like to believe in miracles, be a kid, and remember the good times. This ties into my last point of why The Santa Clause 2 is my favorite Christmas movie. 

My favorite scene in the movie is when Scott brought some Christmas cheer to the faculty Christmas party that he and Carol attended. Similar to what he did for Laura and Neil in the first film, Scott surprises everyone at the party with their childhood toys. It was such a beautiful moment to see everyone’s faces beemed with joy after opening their presents, like kids almost! They were happy to relive their childhood memories and have a wonderful time for the rest of the evening. That is what Christmas is all about, giving back and spreading joy to others. Putting other’s needs before your own. Scott did just that, which is why I love that scene so much! 

There are many more reasons why I love The Santa Clause 2, but for now, I’ll stop here. If you do have a chance to watch this movie, I highly recommend that you do so and it’s Christmas time, so it might be playing on TV, who knows? What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch during the holidays? Leave me a comment down below to start a conversation!

Take care and see ya real soon!



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