It’s Ok to Hold Onto Your Childhood!

I cannot emphasize this enough because many people think that growing up means that they have to give up their childhood dreams, interests, and memories! But, that is not the case because there is a part of us that needs to hold onto those memories to remember the good times when things were simple and that there is still hope in the world. Especially when we tend to get stressed out from school, work, and other priorities, our childhood helps us stay grounded and gives us a breather from our daily stressors! So, for this post, I will be talking about why it is important to hold onto our childhood and why many of us feel like we have to let go of those happy times as we get older!

Everyone grew up with different things as a child. Whether it’d be different TV shows, different movies, different traditions, or different hobbies, there was always something about our childhood that brings back happy memories (even if it was for a short amount of time)! That is why I love that stores like BoxLunch and Hot Topic have so many merch representing all these classics such as Blue’s CluesLizzie McGuire, Disney, That’s So RavenSpongebob SquarepantsHey Arnold!Harry PotterPower Rangers, and Friends, etc. They bring back such nostalgia and they help us remember those happy times watching these classic shows/movies! Every time I see someone wearing a Nickelodeon or a Disney shirt, it makes me so happy just knowing that our childhood is still alive! 

One of the reasons why I love Disney so much is that it keeps me grounded and makes me feel like a kid and I enjoy that because I feel more relaxed. I will admit that it is ok to still watch those old TV shows and movies to bring back nostalgia. But it shouldn’t hold you back from your life in the present and give you the right to act like a kid all the time. It should just be a breather to reenergize yourself to continue with life. Just because we grow up, doesn’t mean our childhood has to die. I used to think that growing up meant that we had to give up our childhood, but I was wrong! I learned that we can still keep our childhood with us and still be in the present because our childhood made us who we are today.

Think about it, sometimes our childhood ambitions can play a role in our career paths in the future. If someone grew to love playing with toy cars, then that person could be a future race car driver one day. Or if someone grew to love acting in school plays, then that person could be a future actor/actress. Someone can even make a career out of watching television and they can be a TV producer or a script writer sometime in the future. Even if our hobbies we did as kids don’t necessarily reflect what jobs we do in the future, it is nice to still look back on the memories for fun. That’s why I still watch Blue’s Clues sometimes, just to keep me in check with reality and for the nostalgia of course! Whether it’d be Nickelodeon or Disney, or even Dora the Explorer, hold onto those happy times to keep you in check when this world becomes too crazy to handle.

What were some of your favorite childhood memories growing up? I’d love to know, leave me a comment down below!

Take care and see ya real soon!



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