Frozen 2 Movie Review

This past Friday, I got to see Frozen 2 with my Disney Ohana Club, and let me tell you, THIS MOVIE IS AMAZING!!!! I actually enjoyed this movie more than the first one, the music was more magical, the storyline was intense, and Olaf was on fire!!!! I will try my best not to spoil it too much, so here we go!

Frozen 2 takes place three years after Elsa was crowned Queen of Arendelle. In the film, she longs to find a mysterious voice that only she can hear. So, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven head off on a journey to discover the truth about Elsa and Anna’s past, how Elsa got her powers, why their parents went out at sea in the first place leading to their deaths, where does the kingdom lie today, and what will be in store for the future of Arendelle. This movie focused on Elsa discovering who she is and what her destiny will be. What I really liked about the first movie was that it focused on sister love, versus romantic love, and this second installment showcased Anna and Elsa’s bond even more. Elsa wanted to go on the journey alone, but Anna insisted that they go together because she doesn’t want to lose her again. Such raw passion came from this movie that you just have to watch it for yourselves!!

One thing that sets Frozen 2 apart from the first film is the music! The songs were so well done and fit the storyline really well. I give praise to the actors for capturing the emotion in their respective songs because it really made a difference. “The Next Right Thing,” for example, takes place after a very stressful situation has occurred for Anna and you can feel her pain when she sings this song. It’s so beautiful and heartbreaking to witness it.

Now, can we talk about Kristoff’s song? “Lost in the Woods” fit perfectly for his character, how he is chasing after Anna, but it seems like they are always on different paths lately. It is such a beautiful rock ballad and how the film sets the scene for the song is just WOW!!!! I don’t care if Elsa’s “Into the Unknown” gets all the hype, Kristoff, in my opinion, got the best song in the movie HANDS DOWN!!!!

Lastly, Olaf was just hilarious!!! If you thought Olaf was funny in the first film, you’re in for a real treat in the second film. There’s no better way to describe it than Olaf was just being Olaf!!! Heads up, if you plan to see the movie anytime soon, stay till the very end, after the credits are done, and I’m telling you, it will be worth it! He also got a cute song in the film, “When I Am Older,” and it emphasizes Olaf’s understanding of the world and there are some things he cannot fully interpret, but they will make sense when he is older. Olaf is still young and experiencing new things, so I found it easy to relate to him on so many levels.

Frozen 2 was a rollercoaster of emotions, but in the best way possible! One minute, I’m laughing so hard at Olaf’s silliness and the next, I’m close to crying after Elsa hits a wrong turn on her excursion! Be prepared for a journey into the unknown and it will be worth it, trust me! If you haven’t seen Frozen 2 already, I highly reccommend you do so while it’s still playing in theaters, if you have seen it, what are your thoughts on the movie, let me know in the comments below!

See ya real soon!



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