Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!!

Today is a very special day today and you wanna know why? Because it is Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s birthday!!!! Mickey and Minnie Mouse made their debut in the classic Steamboat Willie, on November 18th, 1928. What makes Mickey and Minnie Mouse so special? They are timeless and global icons!!! They’re the main mice at Disneyland and all the Disney parks around the world and who could forget the “Mickey Mouse Club March”? Fun fact, my high school marching band did a Disney themed show for my sophomore year and my section (the Drumline) got to the sing that song. It was a happy day for me!

I remember the first time I met Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Give Kids the World, in Florida, it was the most magical day of my life! Mickey and Minnie Mouse have brought so many wonderful memories into my life since then. From the encounters at Disneyland, to watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney, to buying all the merch I could find with their faces on it, to Minnie’s fabulous bows and love for fashion, and watching Fantasmic on my laptop screen. I have yet, to witness this show in person! I go through a lot of phases of interest, but Mickey has always stayed by my side and kept me grounded, whenever life becomes too crazy for me to handle, Disney reminds of the simple times and joy in life.

I can’t speak for everyone about why they love Mickey and Minnie so much. But I can say that even if you aren’t a super Disney fan, Mickey and Minnie can never fail to put a smile on one’s face because that is part of their DNA! They are the prime definition of Disney: joy, laughter, imagination, creativity, and uniqueness. Also, can we talk about fashion icons? Minnie inspired the fashion trend of polka dots and big bows, while Mickey inspired the trend of red shorts with the signature white buttons and yellow shoes. I truly believe that Mickey and Minnie Mouse will never go out of style and I look forward to making wonderful new memories with them as time goes on.

So, when was the first time you encountered Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Could be on a TV show, movie, an encounter at a Disney park, or a stuffed plush at a toy store! I’d love to know!

Take care and see ya real soon!


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